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Shaving, which method you use?


I just plain out Man up, who needs razors,bladed & shaving cream.
I use tweezers, that’s right just one hair at a time takes almost 24 hrs to get it done, but I’ve only got to do it once every 4-6 weeks. Don’t believe me try it for your self. Let us know how well it goes. LBTW the same tweezers I squeeze and fluff my Cotton with works. Just be sure you have the ceramic ended remember safety is first. LMAO !!


If you’d really man up, you’d use an epilady and be done in minutes :rofl:


Epilady, I haven’t heard that name in a long time. Is that the shaver that sends electric shocks to there (notice I didn’t say ours, lol) skin or “hard to shave areas” I better stop while I’m ahead of the game some. Due to I may incriminate myself lmao
But, yes i do know a person that knows another person that still uses there’s
If it’s not broken, why fix it. Even though it did come out I believe it was in the 80’s give or take a few yrs. I believe it was actually designed to be a torture device. So I’ve been told !! Hahaha


I just burn it off, like this



One of the people I have been naked with plucks using rubber gloves for grip for legs and and groin. The result is very neat but it ranks a couple levels up in horror from burning…
My eyes cry a little thinking of it, damn tough critter they are.


Now that’s what I’m talking about !! Hot diggity dog. LoL


OMG, that is a perfect example, of the “S” word. Hope you don’t mind, roflmao ! Do you mind if I “borrow” that?? I so can see that fitting right in there when telling/bragging to a buddy about my “Escapades” stories from back in the day !!


Strange… I just thought that was foreplay…


For me it’s the Edwin Jagger DEL89L long handle safety razor, with Astra Platinum blades, using a delightful Sandalwood soap also from Edwin Jagger, and a badger hair brush.
Yes, I love my face :grinning:


I just got some sandalwood from proraso in the mail yesterday, and my badger hair brush and aluminum shave mug just came in today.

I ordered some blades from tryablade (…literally blades that are cents on the dollar) and they came in too, I got feathers, astra, and some other ones from their top 5 most popular.

really excited to use the brush/bowl combo


You’re the type of folks that would shave your face just to make your anus look bushier


Merkur MK-34C with Feather blades. Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Grapefruit cream is pretty awesome.


Tryablade looks like a neat way to experiment but their prices are not as good when you find the one you like. just an example:


I just got the 99R in the mail today… I also have those same Astra blades enroute. I keep reading that many find the razor too aggressive.


I do not find that to be so. Most reviews I saw before I got it rated it right in the middle. As with everything learning your technique or “feel” is the key. I’ve had a nick or 2 but very seldom, usually because I got careless and was rushing. I have a Norelco for when I’m in a rush.


I’m lazy …


Couldn’t wait for the Astra blades to arrive, so I just used a Parker blade that came with the 99R, a slight burn on the bottom part of one side of a neck, other than that the razor seems to work really nice. Didn’t feel aggressive, might be because I’m use to shaving as opposed to just learning to shave. I just used a wet face and didn’t really prep… so all in all I’m happy.


That and a shave oil I make, similar to Shave Secret stuff, I have never been able to use heavy lathers I always ended up looking like I was in a knife fight. I found Different blades make a difference.


Pray tell…


A hap hazard combination of Jojoba, vitamin E, vg, and topped off with a touch of menthol (LB) to taste, LOL