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Shaving, which method you use?


Can the menthol be subbed with mint mixed (inw)


I don’t see why not. I use WS-23 some times it give you more of cooling feel less aroma.


100 blades… that would last several and several months, if not years.


any way you could convert this to physical measurements perhaps? or a sample size perhaps to make perhaps 15ml to try?


I’ve switched the vg and jojoba oil and it worked fine. Add several drops of menthol or mint or even ws-23. If you are not sensitive to PG you can half the VG and add it to thin it a bit.


I was putting some I found in a recipe to find out it was in ML already haha :slight_smile:

Classic Barbershop Pre Shave Oil
•20ml Castor Oil
•10ml Olive Oil
•5ml Vitamin E Oil
•10 drops Sandalwood Oil

Woodsy Pre Shave Oil
•15ml Castor Oil
•15ml Jojoba Oil
•4 drops Tea Tree Oil
•4 drops Pine Oil

Festive Holiday Pre Shave Oil
•15ml Sweet Almond Oil
•15ml Argan Oil
•5 drops Nutmeg essential oil
•2 drops Vanilla absolute essential oil
•3 drops Bay essential oil


So what exactly is a pre-shave oil, how do you use it?


wet your face put several drops (I use a dime size puddle) in your palm, rub your hands together (assuming you have two if not one is fine, LOL) and rub into the area you wish to shave. No real need to rinse afterwards just towel off, oils are good for you skin, unless you have some sort of reaction to any of the ingredients which could happen with whatever you use.


would you use it in place of a shaving cream or shaving soap?


Yes that is what I do, creams and lathering soaps do not work for me just visually hide the area to be shaved and I always end up cut using them. You can still add those if you like with out harm and maybe it would suit you better