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Show recipes adapted from a recipe


There is now a “Show adaptations” in the blue wrench menu (it will show up if any public recipes are adapations of this recipe)…

I also put some text on the existing “This recipe is adapted”-button to make it more clear…

Adapted Recipes

Been looking, but haven’t found that ‘Show Adaptations’ yet.




I have. I made an adaption of rocketpuppy’s RY4 and there is a blue wrench under the recipe that says, adapted from this recipe. When I click on that I go straight to rocket puppy’s recipe. :grinning:
Nice one @daath, thanks!


That one I didn’t see yet, great.


Wow, that was fast! You rock! Thank you. :smile:


That one has been around for a long time, but the one Shane shows up above is the one I couldn’t find.
Oh well… it’s all good now.


Seriously? I have never seen it before :flushed:


Cuz Lars just made it easier to see. :smile:


The light blue arrows under adapted recipes has been there for awhile, but the option in the dark blue wrench that says ‘show adaptations’ or ‘adapted from this recipe’ is new.


That’ll show them credit grabbin’ sneak thieves. Nice work @daath.


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