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Sigelei E1 J.U.N.K


Looking for a small single battery device to use with your tootle puffer? Stumbled across the Sigelei E1 for like $30? Wow! Don’t do it!!! “check atomizer” “check battery” Jumps from one wattage setting to another by itself. I don’t think I’ve gotten a dozen vapes off of it without it loosing it’s little mind. Tried multiple atties, and batteries. All known good per functioning with other mods. This is no deal. This is landfill in a box.


Love the description, hate that your experience sucked.

Sadly, I (jokingly) wonder if Sigelei wasn’t bought out by Smok quietly a couple years ago.

Crap quality control, poorly performing electronics, etc etc. They were one of the highly regarded lead standards for quite a while, and then it’s like the owner gave it to their 4 year old to play with.

Old enough to know what’s shiny and cool, but no clue how to fully make it work, and says it can do all sorts of things it can’t. Then, when asked what went wrong, they respond like the kids from Family Circus… “I don’t know.”

I like my Spark 90, but only at the most basic level of being a VV/VW device, and that it’s a wonderfully ergonomic and reliable emergency backup. But with all I continually read on things they’ve produced after that, I just flat cannot bring myself to even think of risking buying one of their products. Especially after the 213/Fuchai lies and nonsense!


Sigelei and Laisimo are the same outfit, I never knew that.


Thanks for the info! Now I have to look into that.

Makes me wonder if they went the split route. Put the shit that works under one brand, and the stuff that doesn’t under the other.

I don’t remember enough about Laisimo offhand to know if they suck too, or they’re actually reputable.


The Laisomo L1 and the Sigelei mini 30 are two of my mods that survived my Great Purge at the beginning of last year. I have two of both and all have been rock solid for me.

Check the F4. It is branded “The Sigelei Laisimo F4”.


I’m done with them. I picked up a 213 for like $35 knowing it would only do around 150~W and no TC but it is fine for a medium powered VW box. I was hoping this would be similar. I really only wanted it to put out 20 to 30 watts for a tootle atty. So, ok, one more manufacturer off the list. You mention Smok. They amaze me. Constant new products and constant complaints but the sales keep going and for what you are getting the prices aren’t great. Oh well, worth the $30 if this post and I’m sure others like it stop some good folks from buying poor crap.

Thanks for the chat, btw.


Interesting. One model is fine and the next is junk. I’m just tired of playing the slots with mods.


I’m with you. P4U comes to mind. The iPV4s is GREAT. The iPV8 is GREAT. The iPV5 and iPV6x are shameful. The Vesta is lukewarm at best.


I have a Laisimo L3 and love the thing. I also have 2 Laisimo mini’s (built in batteries) that I like because they are tiny and work well enough even in TC. I have a Sigelei snow wolf mini and hate it. I HAD a Sigelei 75 that fired all by itself and I threw it in my trashcan. I just don’t get this.


Tpd and the fda made everybody rush everything to Market, and now we expect them to put something out every few days, it’s unfortunate but that’s what happened.


I’m sure that’s correct but doesn’t explain how the same company under two brands can make good products under one and total crap under the other. The prices are very similar.

I also have a Laisimo Spider 200 TC Box Mod which I have only seen at Element Vape and is now discontinued and replaced by what looks to be an identical model with slight cosmetic changes. Both are near identical to a Smoant Battlestar in looks. I really like this mod too.

I don’t hesitate to by Laisimo and will not buy another Sigelei. Makes no sense to me but I have a very low opinion of just about anything made in China.


Unfortunately they make just about everything!


I know nothing about their corporate structures but I am guessing that although the two companies are under the same umbrellas they are both wholly owned subsidiaries and functionally separate regarding operations.


My daughter’s T-PRIV (Christmas gift) has been good so far, but that STUPID Big Baby tank structure is maddening. This ‘baby’ glass works with this ‘baby’ tank, and that ‘big baby’ wotks with this ‘v8 baby’, but this and this and this are not compatible… The glass that came with the RBA is the correct length but not diameter, so that’s useless. Pissed me off enough to just build her the damn Combo RDTA and put the V8 away.


I’ve never owned a Sigelei, but after seeing what they did with djlsb, I stay clear of that nasty company.

Sorry to hear you wasted money on their junk