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Single Coil vs Dual Coil RDA - Thoughts?


Thanks again all.

Very much agree with @Sprkslfly here. It looks like I’m moving into the realm of subjective personal preference now.

This has saved me from going out and buying another RDA (although I probably will anyway because I love gear lol) - and just getting the set up I like with the coils I like through experimentation. It’s been an education - at least I now know I’m not ‘doing it wrong’ so to speak!



Looks very interesting @Weedhunter !

Just an update - tried the DR with a single Coilology SS coil, spaced it and added an extra wrap, plus bumped it up to 3mm.

Ohms at 0.35, and have to say performs great at my favoured 65w with much less heat buildup. Airflow still works really well. So impressed with this RDA!


I’ve gone to single coil, and 1+ ohms, to conserve power/battery life on almost all of my RDAs.

I can’t speak to performance or taste difference, tho.

Kanthal requires only about 75% the total length of SS 316L, which conserves wire, too.

Interested so pls let us know.


Why ?!?

The heat flux etc. are all the same, the only thing that changes is the resistance. And If you are talking about the resistance for a mech mod, then the difference is much larger.


I love both single and dual. I love my dead rabbit with either since crazy braid with 34g, slentre braid with 36, or a smaller framed staple with 40g.

On the same side of the token I really really really love the Wotofo recurve. That little rda fucking blows such flavorful vape.

I’ve tried a haku, I sort of like the wasp but hate plastic caps so that kills the wasp for me. Out of all single coil attys I think the recurve is the best rounded rda money can buy. I like the haku but the way I enjoy vaping causes a volcano top cap.


I don’t know why… In the steam engine app, Kanthal only requires 5 wraps to reach the 1ohm I’m looking for, whereas SS316L requires 7.5 wraps. Less wire required.


Kanthal has a higher resistance compared to SS.
Higher resistance = higher ohms (ie: resistance wire for toasters, etc.)
Lower resistance = lower ohms = better electrical conductivity.

I’m not an expert, just parroting (regurgitating?) what i’ve learned so far :innocent:


Sure, if all you care about is the resistance, then SS have a significant lower resistance than Kanthal, but resistance isn’t all that matters. In fact it only matters when building for an unregulated mod, for a regulated mod it (almost) doesn’t matter at all.

Simply building the coil bigger in order to reach the same resistance when switching from Kanthal to SS, would be a grave mistake.

Would you should do is build the same size coil, and then simply accept the lower resistance if you are running on a regulated mod, or manipulate the resistance in other ways if using an unregulated mod.


I’m just curious about this… what is so magical about your 1Ω?
I quit trying to reach a certain resistance long time ago. I just build to fit the deck and as long as the result is above 0.08Ω, I’ll vape it (regulated mods only).


I agree I had crappy flavor on my Dead Rabbit I was so pissed off I almost threw in the garbage but… I found that my coils where sitting too high so I did a build with the coils pretty close to the post and it made huge
difference in the flavor it was so much better


I forgot to mention why that worked it works because the air flow comes in at
a downward angle when my coils were to high the airflow was shooting above the coils, lowing them caused the air flow to flow properly through under the coils that gave way more flavor
(or something like that :grimacing:)