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Njord RDA - Morten Oen & Atom Vapes Masterpiece?


Hi folks,

maybe a new star is born:


I hope there will be a possibility to order from europe soon…

Single Coil vs Dual Coil RDA - Thoughts?

I never wanted to comment on the recommendations of Oen’s channel because there seem to be a lot of fans (not me). Looks like I’m not the only one anymore.


I wondered how this one would turn out. Centered, single coil rda with all the airflow, I had my doubts. Coming from Daniel, I’ll take his word on it. I’m guessing Rip will say it’s the best rda ever. Sick as tits!


More amazing vape trama-drama on youboob! Oh my!!! Crash of the Titans!!! All kinds of snide remarks fyling, lol. And in this corner!!!


I would have more faith in Daniels opinion if he hadn’t continued to make it into an all out personal attack on Morten Øen, and claim that everything he has said, tested and proven about airflow is completely wrong, whereas Daniel himself knows everything about airflow because he has once worked with air-conditioners :crazy_face:

I generally have a lot of respect for the technical reviews Daniel makes, but this isn’t the first time he has made a review, that has left me with a dropped jaw thinking what the f… just happened there, only to later learn that there was some things going on in the background. His review of the Iconic by Mike Vapes perhaps the most obvious example.

Is the Njord a flavour machine or a flavourless monstrosity? I don’t know, what I do however know is that it is an extreme RDA that won’t be for everybody, kind of similar to the 502 by Jai Haze. It is clearly something that is build for absolute maximum cooling of the coil, and according to Øen himself, the vape will be much cooler and the flavour will be very different from what we are used to.

You might want to check out Øen’s response, especially the part at about the 20min mark is interesting:



You nailed it. My thoughts exactly.


I don’t trust that either of them are masters of the physics involved in carrying flavor up through an atty. I worked designing industrial oxygen generators that used pressure swing absorption and a molecular sieve. Constant velocity of pressurized air was one key factor in efficiency of the units and I learned the physics behind that is insanely complex. I don’t pretend to know everything involved. Morten’s videos are interesting and have a convincing tone. Some of what he has presented I have found useful but then the same is said regarding Dj’s build recommendations. I see this as another pissing contest. Fine, Morton likes the flavor and DJ does not. Leave it at that. Tons of folks love the Goon. I have two that collect dust. I sure as hell am not going to tell them they are wrong for liking theirs. Having said that, given two choices I’ll usually laugh and walk off if you get my drift.


If you are ever interested in getting rid of the Goons, please me know.


Will do. I drag them out from time to time and try something a little different but I’m sure at some point I will just quit doing that as well.


There are going to be lovers and haters on all things vape related. The thing that interested me was price point. I thought it would be much more expensive just for the RDA. The mod seems pretty impressive to me even with a slight gap.


I was really shoked, when i saw the review from DjLSB. I can´t imagine that is true. NO flavor? I have a look what other reviewer say about the njord.

Maybe it is a huge CONSPIRACY!!!

In the end, i will buy one, and make me my own opinion!


I really wouldn’t waste my money on it… I know you like Oen, but I think it’s quite obvious that there’s a major problem in the design. Don’t believe this is a conspiracy. There’s just too much airflow, too big of a chamber to create any flavor. And I think it’s kind of sad that Oen doesn’t take on criticism, it’s not all as harsh as DJLSB’s review, but they all come to the same conclusion. The intention of reviewers is to spot the flaws so that the designers can fix them and make their things better, not to tell the problem is not with the RDA but with the “receiving end”. That’s just sad.


Newly posted reviews… even from people who greatly respect Oen, come to the same conclusion.


For me it would be interesting, what happend? Did nobody from Atom Vapes try their new products? I´m really disappointed…


I’m with you. Was looking forward to this one but had my reservations. I may still pick one up but I’ll wait until someone around here gets one and gives their thoughts.


Who knows, maybe they don’t even vape? :rofl:


Jai’s review is a little bit more hopeful…


Thx for the video.
For me, Atom Vapes made a really bad job. Beta for review?
Isn´t it the second desaster for atom vapes, within the last 3 month (remember the clone shit on elr). I get to the conclusion that AV thinks, that vapers are completly retarded and they can do anything with this cashcows. You´re wrong AV.

But i wonder that Morten do nothing to save his name. Maybe the flavor from the njord is the best he got out from a dripper, but i don´t think so… Maybe he has to do damage limitation, because the project manager from the Njord at AV is a dumbass.


I appreciate the bad situation Oen is in… I can’t even imagine what it’s like to get so much bad commentary on your creation, your baby. He must feel like shit.
Like you say, the biggest problem here is probably AV. Their brand just spells amateurism, capitalism and not having a care in the world for their customers or even the people they work with.

BUT, what I really dislike about the way that Oen deals with it, is that he turns his back to all reviewers, who’ve literally been asked to review this kit, and say the problem is with them, and insisting nothing’s wrong with his RDA.
Instead he should be turning to AV and scold them for ruining his creation, for cutting him out of the loop and demanding they recall and do a good job. HIS name is on the line (nevermind AV).

I also find it strange that the average reviewer is in business for a couple years before they cooperate with a company to bring out an atty. Oen literally said that AV contacted him pretty much after the first video he posted last year September, not just for one but for 2 RDAs. (See YT live show with Jai, Heavy, Oen etc). They thought they struck gold before even verifying anything. Weird.
It’s a recipe to either strike gold (if you do a perfect job) or both drive off a cliff, never to be heard from again.

Jai obviously thinks a lot of his friendship with Oen, and still only gives a 3 or 4 out of 10 for this RDA. Still he criticizes not only the build quality but also the design and urges them both for a rethink before they bring it out.