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First off I’d like to graciously thank @Heaven_Gifts for their generosity and having the BATTLESTAR Competition and giveaway. I had only 37 (Thirty Seven) of the 1.5K replies with 39 other players, so it was truly the luck of the draw that I won. I gave them my address on Thursday June 22 and received the package on Wednesday June 28.

The device came extremely well packaged. Beneath the bubbles, the box and contents were pristine.

When I got it out of the bubble wrap, I thought it was going to be GLO Yellow in color because of the box, which would have been fine, but a little sticker said Classic Bronze. I was amazed when I looked inside the box what I found.

This MOD is Beautiful! Seamless Antiqued Bronze with a gorgeous pattern like a circuit board. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie like Star Wars, Alien or Tron, or maybe even Steam Punk themed. The only seam is the battery compartment door, and is so slight it’s practically invisible. There are no exterior screws holding the device together, the screws are on the inside of the battery case.

This is the most artistic MOD in my collection, and a permanent addition to my desk.
The package says Small | Compact | Ergonomic.
But let me put it this way, it is as small and compact as you can make a regulated dual 18650 battery MOD. Measuring 3 5/16” tall it’s shorter by a tiny bit than others. Once setup with the batteries, as you can imagine it has a good solid feel in the hand. With batteries it weighs 227 grams, or 8 ounces. [Lighter than Alien (at 8.3 Oz)/ heavier than Cuboid TAP (at 7.5 Oz)].


A 25mm tank fits perfect with n0 overhang.
TC mode even includes NiCr
Because of its rounded-triangular design, it is extremely ergonomic and fits in my hand well too! Also the shape makes it more stable sitting on the desk.
The device accurately reads the coil, it nailed my .5ohm coil at exactly 0.50 ohms every time I made the device re-read it. The device asks “new coil” each time the tank is removed.

The buttons feel great, and there are no rattles. Has a great feel overall of an extremely well made high quality device.
It has a more simplified small display with just the most important information, and at the same time has all the features and more of a much more expensive device.

It has plenty of power and great battery life, making it the perfect device for any RBA RTA or your favorite Tank


Stable desktop device
Fits the hand well
Solid feel
Fairly well sealed, no outside screw holes (just vents)
Accurate TC
Accurate VW
Constant power
Beautiful, Artistic…
Plenty of power (for my tanks).
Adjustable wattage in TC modes
Nichrome TC mode.

Tiny noise from the battery cover when the devise is grasp (intermittent).
Display timeout 0 on puff seconds and power applied display in VW mode.
Display timeout 0 on wattage reached in TC modes.
Hard to read the “+ & -” to insert the battery correctly.
1 Battery indicator to display the condition of 2 Batteries.


Please consider buying this device from Heaven’s Gifts
Check with @Heaven_Gifts to see if there are any active discount codes :grin:

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Beautiful mod!!! May I suggest some of these http://www.kidneypuncher.com/kp-mod-guard-5-pack-various-sizes/ to protect that beautiful finish from atty scratching.


She’s a beauty! I love the patterns and color.


I agree 100%, it’s the Classic Bronze that has the intricate detail. At the time of this post they have 6 in stock.


That thing is gorgeous, lucky you :smiley:


What a beautiful looking mod!

Lovely review also :smiley:


Thanks for the review and the pics! It definitely went from my wishlist to my shopping list (this very exact version) :relaxed:


You are going to LOVE it! Congratulations on your new MOD purchase!
don’t forget to use the codes


Great review and congrats again on scoring a really beautiful mod!


it’s more of a pictorial essay than a review, but I can also say the MOD is quite advanced, You can Manually Joulle it in TC modes, and as I mentioned it has a Nichrome TC mode, and the ability to lock the regulatory buttons with the fire button still active.
It’s actually made with zinc alloy with a ceramic backing, not bronze.
200-600F TC range
1-200W power range
I’m really loving it.


wow, thats pretty sharp. cool


It’s a dandy, and quite trainable…