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Smok Baby Beast Tank Best Coil?


Hi all. I am wondering which coils to order with the Baby for best flavor. I’m a definite flavor chaser. From what I have found in research most people seem to say the X4 coil has the best flavor. But they are also releasing the M2 coils…not sure what they are supposed to be for. I think it said smooth and silky taste…whatever that means. Dumb descriptions!

Any and all advice appreciated, thank you everyone!

EDIT: finally found description on the M2. It’s a SS .3ohm. Thinking I should try both maybe.


Good question, I just ordered some coils (half an hour ago) for the Baby Beast also… I purchased
Smok TFV8 Baby Coils
Baby Beast Coil
V8-Q2 Dual Coil (0.4Ω)
from VapeNW… they were 15.99 (I think for 5 but it might be 3). This will be the first time ordering coils for this tank (a friend of my step daughter asked me to purchase a tank and mod w/ a set of spare coils… so that is what I purchased).
During the Christmas exchange @Big_Benny_MI sent me a mod kit and I haven’t even gotten to try it out… she (my step daughter stole it out of my hand before I even could charge it… and hasn’t put it down yet)… I also just purchased the rba deck for the Baby Beast in this same coil order.


I just bit the bullet. I wanted the Rainbow kit and only 1 place I found had it in stock, the rest were pre-order. So I went ahead and ordered slow boat to save a little with their 10% off. And get a couple more items :slight_smile:


Where are you guys buying your stock at for the beast?


That’s a shopping cart from fasttech.

I get mine from there. I’ve ordered the t8’s


I been using the .2 ohm that came with the kit and vaping at 40watts. That’s been the sweet spot for me.


I’ve been using the X4’s. Excited to hear how you get on with the M2’s :+1::smiley:


VapeNW had the Rainbow color in stock when I had ordered last night and they are also located in Washington state, would have been pretty quick shipping to you most likely, it is the one I ordered, I think either the black or silver was 2 dollars less.
Smok Stick V8 Kit
Color Rainbow
4260 1 $32.99


The kit is a pre-order though and I wanted the kit. VaporDNA had it in for $63 and Yeti Vape for $90 :scream: And I have bought from them before, but because they are in my state I have 10% sales tax plus shipping. I usually get a much better deal ordering from out of state.

Then Vapor DNA was OOS on the Starre Pure, and the Beast and Starre coils were almost twice the cost than at Fast Tech. And they didn’t have the M2 coils in stock almost everywhere. So, I went the easy, cheaper, and much slower route…lol. I usually get their stuff in 8-12 days anyway. They won’t ship until the 4th from their holiday, so a bit slower. But saved almost $50 with everything :slight_smile:

EDIT: And I got the Smok Alien, not the stick :slight_smile:


I just rrechecked, the kit is in stock, not a pre-order. I do understand about the additional fee’s for shipping and such though.


That’s a different item. I got the Alien, not the Stick.


Ahhh… sorry, thought ya got the Alien because the other wasn’t in stock.
Be very careful with the Alien, the paint scratches if you even look at it incorrectly… actually I think it would scratch even if you didn’t look at it wrong. I think @Pugs1970 made mention of that over in this thread…


Yes, that is why I held off buying it so long…I like mine too look purty :wink: I ordered a clear wrap from jwraps to put on it before I use it :wink:


I have a silver alien and it still looks really good. I’ve dropped it a few times. If u wanna order one get a silver bc you don’t have to worry about paint chipping.


Have you tried elementvaoe.com or vapewild.com they’re usually pretty well priced and everything I’ve gotten was authentic. Great shipping time too. Plus at vape wild shipping is free over $30


Yes, Vapewild didn’t have the Rainbow, and Element Vape was $21 more.


I’ve used all the available coils except the M2. By far my favorite is the X4. I vape it around 50-55watts on the Alien with the punch set to hard. I get about two weeks out of the coils. To me the flavor is better than any of the other coils and the clouds are pretty close to what you get from the octuple coil,

The M2 coils were created for use with the Big Baby tank on the Smok Stick V8 mod. I’m guessing to balance with the much lower wattage available to the mod. Where did you find that these were SS? I haven’t been able to find anywhere that shows any of the coils are anything but Kanthal. Just curious as an SS coil would be a cool option.


Found it on a few different sites under titles or descriptions.

EDIT: Not sure if they know what they are talking about though :slight_smile:


It would be cool if they are right. I’m suspicious though. Those coils were created specifically for the Smok Stick V8 mod which doesn’t have TC. Not sure why they’d do SS if there was no TC. The Smok site doesn’t mention material. It also doesn’t show a .3 version of the coil just a .15 and .25. Assuming those are the .25.


I would like to throw those coils out the window M2 and Q2 they don’t last more than 3 days can’t find alternative coils for mine of course but here’s an alternative coil list for every other smok (as I say crap) tank. Do you sense my anger?