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Smok Cloud Beast and Prince


I own both of these units. I got the cloud beast with the purchase of a used mod, its OK but don’t like the rainbow color LOL, so never bothered to order new coils for it. I got the Prince with a new Devilkin kit and like it so much I ordered the RBA deck for it, but accidentally ordered one for the cloud beast. I figured no big deal I will use it at home and ordered the right one for the Prince.

So here is my question… They are pretty close to being the same tank, but I can not get the Cloud Beast to taste anywhere near as good as the Prince. I have the same coils and wicking set up n both units and they both taste completely different. No matter how many times I try to re wick the Cloud Beast I can not get it to taste anywhere near as good as the Prince… Makes no sense to me . Any ideas why ?


Have you tried adjusting the airflow. I have find that on both my prince and my beast if I lose flavor all I need to do is adjust the airflow then I can taste the flavor once again.


Yes I have


The TFV12 is a newer version and probably a bit better in flavor compared to the TFV8…
If everything else is the same, the difference can only be in the tank itself.

I only have a TFV8 and I’m not impressed with the RBA section, rarely use it.


It must be in the tank it self. but man they are so close in everything about them I just cant see how… I can wick that Prince easily and every time taste great, but cant say the same for the cloud beast… Cant figure out why though…


Things to compare:

  • height of chimney
  • I.D. of chimney
  • height of drip tip
  • I.D. of drip tip
  • does the drip tip choke down in size at any point on one, how much, where…
  • height of chamber before chimney
  • I.D. of chamber

Etc, etc… It all affects the pathing which affects how much vapor “sticks to” the walls before reaching your mouth. Same for coil placement, amount of cotton, etc. :wink: