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Smok GX350 quad battery mod


So I finally got around to using my new Smok GX350 with the smok beast tank. At first thought I hated the battery door which is a pain to open and not the best to close either. The mod seemed clunky as well compared to my comfy cartel revenant

After vaping on this now 3 days, I am now in love! WOW what a different experience for me

I now realize what i was missing before. I’m vaping at 120W - 140W and the flavor and juciyness is fantastic. It is not a hot vap at all at this wattage. To me, it is actually a bit cool. I bump it up occasionally for more throat hit, which works well for satisfying my cravings. I’m not sure what coil I have inside as I purchased a kit and didn’t look to see which coil was missing from the ones i was sent.

No dry hits, no burnt taste, just fantastic juicy flavor and a throat hit I so needed to stop the cig crave I cant seem to shake. ( I still sneak a cig a day). 2 days in a row I skipped the daily 1 cig and didn’t miss it

I realize now I NEED a powerful mod like this as it totally suits me. The batteries last me just under a full day - about double what I am used to.

The ‘clunkyness’ feel is gone and I’m used to it now, and the battery door has been easier to deal with, but I still feel its a shitty design although to me it’s a trade off that is still worth it.

With this mod I still have plenty of room to grow as far as higher wattage and that seems important for me at this stage of my vaping.

Finally I feel like I am making progress finding my likes and now will search for another similar powerful quad mod for a back up. (If anyone has recommendations feel free to toss them out there.)


If you want to get serious flavor and power you should talk to our man @Whiterose0818 and whisper the code word “LiPo”. It won’t be cheap but it WILL be cheaper then the next 3 mods you are gonna buy before you realize what you should have bought.(???) Anyway, seriously, believe it or not a PWM mod actually improves flavor somehow (witchcraft) and they’re gorgeous! You won’t be sad once you take that…last…step.


Thanks Brandolf. @Whiterose0818 did tell me to have a look on his faceboook, but i only saw a few pictures their, nothing about ordering etc.

I have spent bought pretty expensive mods compared to what i have seen, so price isnt the issue but rather something that can satisfy me. This one was the cheapest of them all and to me the best, so price means shit basically . My other were 3 or 4 times the amount

I’ll have another look at whiterose facebook, or try to message him. Thanks again :slight_smile:


Send him a PM on here and he will get you set up with what you need. The $$ may be a little more than what you might pay for a factory mod, but it is worth every penny, I promise. I have no regrets and will save up my money to purchase another one rather than buy anything else.



I bought one from him and it inspired me to build my own. Nothing compares
to it. If you don’t care about temp control and need lots of flashing
lights (which he can do as well) a PWM setup is all powerfull. How Pulse
Width Modulation boards are different then normally regulated boards is
that they pulse the power being delivered very very quickly instead of
controlling the watts being delivered. Why this seems to actually make
flavors taste better is beyond me. I have taken the same tank and switched
it back and forth between mods and well…im a believer. Anyway, not a
sales pitch just excited to share what I took too long and spent too much
discovering. Good luck and VAPE ON!


I definitely dont care about temp or flashy, and have been reading up a bit on PWM since you mentioned this and I had no idea what it meant… thanks :slight_smile:

It helps so much to hear what others like and why. All i really know atm is more of what i do not like which is actually a start. I also know i have no desire to make coils. I just want to screw them in and not be bothered. I am slowly getting there and soon hope to have the “perfect” mod for me

I sent whiterose a message and will see what he suggests for me

If I were to start building

Of course you can screw any tank to one of these babies, but it will be
harder to utilize the full power and flavor available with stock coils imo.
To each their own though. Even a stock coil will fire faster and be a
little better on such a classy chassis. Good luck!


I don’t know about that. I can name 3 people off the top of my head that use WR mods or PWM mods with stock coils and love the mods.

Regardless the atty, the mod still uses pulse width modulation, and it makes a difference.

And like me, you know, they are just sexy and powerful. :smiley:


I use my Crown 1 or 3 with the 0.5 ohm stock coils on my PWM mod and it’s perfect. I actually prefer it to building because I feel like it’s a little more consistent and less risky than trying to build high enough to keep it in the “safe” zone. Mine is dual 18650 and not lipo. I wasn’t quite ready to jump into all that power yet. LoL.


That was more of what I was trying to say Jo Jo. It’s one thing to run two cells with a stock coil, another entirely to do that with a 4s lipo at 10% power so nothing bursts into flames. To me it’s like buying a new corvette and never breaking 55mph. If that works for you, more power to you (pun intended)


Hmm maybe it isnt the mod for me then. I do want power but I am not interested in adding building coils to my vaping. I know i CAN do it, but i do not want to. I spend enough time reading, mixing, etc and never planned to add building to my list.
Maybe Im better off sticking to quad mods, I just do not know, Ill have to research more


I can tell you i never intended to start building coils, but the amount of flavor I get from my coils and the lack of bad break in taste I get sealed the deal for me, @SessionDrummer got me going on building coils and honestly I’m extremely thankful he did, i literally spend about 1/2 an hour building my tank once a month so the time that you think you will spend building really isn’t that bad.


Now I did it! I went and scared @Lexie3 with the whole “bursting into flames thing” didn’t I… Truth is that almost never happens (unless you have dry cotton or try REALLY hard) and if your already running a 4 cell mod then your already used to the power available. Didn’t mean to give you the wrong idea based on my own personal preferences. Hope you find the perfect mod for you regardless of what it is. Peace!


Just because you have a ton of power at your disposal doesn’t mean you have to use it. The 120-140 watts you run at now, you can also do on a WhiteRose mod. The best thing of all though is being able to charge the battery from dead to 100% in 20 minutes. That is a game changer for me.


I want to use it. Th problem is finding the tank and premade coils to use with it. The mod I think is in the mailbox now (I need to go check lol) but I still need to find something to use with it


What tank and ohm coils do you use now?


the Smok beast tank
TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank
V8-T8 Octuple Coil Head (0.15Ω)
V8-Q4 Quadruple Coil Head (0.15Ω)

I have no issue getting new tank, I want to use the power of the mod just not build coils at least for now


I liked the t10 coils when I used those tanks.


I have these as well but whiterose says I need higher coils higher than .3