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Smoky Blue's Peach Overload


Smoky Blue’s Peach Overload…

Just found this yet again, posted to ELR… and wanted to say thank you to the user @core for sharing it. I know it took you some time to transpose the ingredients to here… just like it took me a hour to mix this, no matter the size amount. I used to mix this by the gallon for a local vape shop… but I released to VU as a Christmas gift years ago. So… on this… yeah I know I have experience with other companies… but still nothing beats the flavors @Flavorah has… This recipe is now defunct as a few ingredients are no longer in production… however, feel free to modify it… :wink:

thanks again!



Wow, that looks more like a flavor stash than a recipe!


thats hilarious @anon44944642 , your comment actually made me curious so i had to look .


what is the purpose of dedicating a thread to a single recipe ???


Just wanted to say thank you for @core sharing an old recipe of mine… is all :wink:


It’s missing some flavors and I think the % is way to high :rofl::hugs::v:


ohh, seen the date, back in kayfun days, had to have high %. I’m sure it’s great but I have no eggnog !!! :hugs:


No nog??? Ut oh! :smile:


Welcome back @SmokyBlue! Please stick around and share what’s new with SmokyBlue. Since you have “gone pro” :wink: a great thread(s) to check out (and re-ignite your interest here) might be…


@core is a vital member on ELR but not so visible in the Forum as much. Last time I was on Discord Chat, Core was a vital and regular member swapping key Mixology tips with the gang, so if you’re into some DIY Chat, click the link up top and check out the ELR Discord Channel …and thanks again


Thanks @BoDarc! I am rarely on, wish I had more time.
I do add to my recipes, when I can. I have too much going on with work.
Picked up another company, and hate how busy it is, but life is good. Been “pro” for ages it seems.
Just let him know I remembered him asking if he could share it… and wanted to say thanks. :blush:


Hi Smokyblue! Your welcome! Would you like to post it as your original? You can copy it and I can remove the recipe I believe.


It’s all good… pretty much everyone already knows it is mine… I just wanted to say thanks…
Forgot you did… If I posted up all my recipes, pretty sure Lars would have to mega expand :stuck_out_tongue:
Think my storage atm is up to over 7 gigs of recipes, just on one drive of mine… for the last 8 yrs…
I need to play catch up lol… but hate uploading all of them. That is a very scary thought!


I would love too see them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After your comments on the other Flavorah thread, I’d be interested in seeing more of your recipes too ! :blush: