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Snes classic!


It’s actually a bit less or maybe about the same. Most places sell the Raspberry Pi for about $35, an 8 gig SD card is fairly cheap nowadays. Add a USB 5 volt wall wart and a Bluetooth controller and you’re about at $60-$80. RetroPie is a free download, as is MAME-Hell get two SD cards and you can swap between the two-W00t!


And then all you need is something like this:



Iunno, I have a SNES somewhere. I haven’t used it in 15 years or more. I haven’t played an SNES game even on emulator in at least 10. I get nostalgia and all – but I just don’t see the argument that SNES games = good modern games.


One thing i liked about many of the older games was that i could turn it off and walk away. These days games require far to much time and emotional investment which make them too stressful for me.

I bought a Wii just so i could hack it to play old Nintendo games, the only Wii game i own is the one i required for the exploit to hack the box.

Im lame, i know. hehe


ACtually that I get – but we have modern roguelikes for that :stuck_out_tongue: And the modern games that borrow old aesthetics still strike that nostalgia itch, but with gameplay that was literally impossible in the day.

But I’m kinda vehemently opposed to conservatism of any kind. On to the next thing! The hell do you mean you still use Windows XP? You’re slowing down technology, stop it! Go buy or pirate Windows 10 right now, no I don’t care something changed and you don’t like it, it is factually better. IF you hate it that much go to the new Apple.

coughs Stuff like that.


Does anyone know if it takes cartridges? Maybe have wifi and can download games? I looked around a little bit and couldn’t really find any specs on the new snes.


Nice! I’ve seen SO many people that have hackenbutchered stock SNES cases to slap their RPi’s in. Most have been well-thought, but there are some people that shouldn’t be allowed anywhere NEAR a Dremel!


As far as all the info at this point it will be similar to the nes clasic.


At this point i would hazard to guess that there are 3d printing instructions on the web, somewhere. The only thing missing would be the cartridges to blow into cuz they aint workin!

I dont remember reading anything about that so i dont think so, but i would imagine that at some point it will be hackable. Meaning one would be able to load other ROMS.


You would love that wouldn’t you!