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Snes classic!


So Nintendo announced a SNES Classic that will be released in September!

Is there anyone that is as exited as i am?


Hopefully they make the controller cables long…the NES classic looked insane with the short wires lol. They already discontinued that one…:cry:


I know i still want one of those, the fact that you can load every NES game on it doesn’t hurt either. from what i have seen on the SNES pics you should be able to use the extension cables on it!


That would be great. BTW, I am sure you have watched or follow the Angry Video Game Nerd…but justtttt in case lol:


I still have mine with a ton of games… it still works too. My favorite game was Donkey Kong.


That is F@^!^# great, never seen him till now, going to have to see a few more!


Sweet! he’s addictive lol


I wish i did, loaned mine to a friend when i got my PS1, never got it back.


I just read they are two feet longer!


Now hopefully they make enough so they don’t get scalped like the nes classic… Man I saw some going for $700… Wtf lol


i know right! I am looking for a pre order of some kind


:heart_eyes: I want!! The SNES was my favorite system. I did the same thing…loaned it and all my games to a “friend” and never got it back. Stupid friends. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve used my PS3 controller to play some of the games on my laptop but to have a legit system would be awesome.


All 21 games are good, Nintendo said they will make more than the NES classic as well!


These guys are from that Cinemassacre Channel I sent you :+1:


Im a NES girl through and through but this is pretty exciting news!
I miss the days of yelling at my mom because she shut the tv off and i was about to go to another :earth_americas: after the boss


It’s good news, now just waiting to preorder! I would have been okay with a virtual console for the Switch… but I’ll just have to spend the extra $$.


Yea I don’t understand why they didn’t do that, oh wait yes I do they want to keep selling us the same games over and over!


Haha! Same here :laughing:


One could build their own quite easily, it might cost just a bit more but it would be worth it.


My favorite SNES game was Super Metroid…