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Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017


On 8/19 I will be driving from the SF Bay Area to Park City Utah. On the 21st I will drive 3 1/2 hours North from Park City into Wyoming to be in the path of totality. Where will you be?


I don’t really know where we will be exactly… but somewhere between the East Coast, Florida, Wisconsin, and Texas! lol


you should start a thread " on the road with Da Momma " lol im happy that you two are having a great time , what a great oppurtunity to spend time together like this … be safe and have fun


Gonna be at home (Alabama). Beats last time (80’s), I was stuck in school watching it on a TV.


That’s a cool hobby, Daven!


FYI, I did see the total eclipse and it was amazing. When it went into full eclipse, you could look at it without the special glasses. Very cool looking corona, and you could feel the drop in temperature. When just a pin hole size started coming out, it was too bright to look at without the glasses. Well worth the day I spent to go see it.