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Something is cooking in the oven!


Awww congrats!!! Babies!! :heart_eyes: Every once in awhile I think I might want another baby but then I remember that mine is over halfway to gone and I really don’t wanna start over. :laughing: Good luck with the nic reduction and I hope she doesn’t find out. LoL.


Congratulations @Jayrell that’s wonderful!


Congrats :tada:


Congrats @Jayrell. Your wife will probably kill you at Xmas time you know :smile:


She kept talking about lowering her Nic so I took the liberty of doing it without telling her lol Christmas is our fav time of year so hopefully the Christmas cheer will keep me safe :crossed_fingers:


I added a reaction ( :tada: ) just for you. We needed a celebratory one anyway. :wink:


Oh sweet! Thanks @JoJo!!


Congratulations on the new little one!!


@Jayrell Congrats on the HUGE news !!!


Congratulations @Jayrell! Well done on many fronts! Will the child have a vape related name? Can we all offer suggestions? I will anyway…lol.
Boy= Reuleoux


Thank you my friend for the suggestions but I am sad to inform you that those names will NOT be considered… :wink:


WooHoo!!! Trouble x 3!!! Seriously tho, Congratulations! I wish you & your fam all the very best! (& as much sleep as possible!)

How 'bout these… you could disguise the vape connotation a little…
Biren… Willow


Congratulations. I wish you and your family the best. May you have another happy & healthy child. Peace, Blessings, & Good Vibrations to you all. :star2:


Congrats and enjoy your sleep while you still can!


way to go Pop. Congratulations to you and your family. much love


Sleep?? What’s that? Lol I get no sleep now. The 3 and 6 year old wake me up faithfully every weekend before 7am but they leave mommy alone… I think it’s a conspiracy


Congratulations, jayrell! I feel ya on the conspiracy side. We had 5 kids. They would consistently answer the same every time I would say that something was mine, their answer… “nope, that’s not yours, it belongs to momma.” didn’t matter what it was, clothes, TV, my underwear, anything, the response was the same.
One day they all grow up and leave home, but they’re forever in your heart, no matter how much you wanted to take them out while they were growing up.
I love’em, but I’m glad I’m just pee-paw, now (12 times over).


Wow that’s awesome!! I think 3 is my limit lol this time next year I will be shooting blanks :sweat_smile:


Congratz Jayrell !


Congrats :slight_smile: