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Something is cooking in the oven!


Hello to my ELR Fam… So I havent posted much in the last 3 weeks but you all are not forgotten! I got some big news about a month ago and I cant hold it in any longer… My beautiful wife is now pregnant with our 3rd child! Time to start over again with diapers and no sleep lol you all are the first to get this announcement so shhh its a secrete until she hits 12 weeks (in like another week or so). Anyway if i havnt responded to anyone or not as active at normal just know the wife is keeping me busy doing this or that… I have sneakily been reducing her nic in her liquid since im the one that has to make it for her lol she will be down to 0mg in about a month and she has no idea lol. the last batch of her liquid i just made was at 1mg. when this bottle is half gone i will mix it with 0mg nic to drop it to .5 do that a couple more times then boom no more nic for the Mrs. :slight_smile: I will break it to her at Christmas lol my gift to her and i can keep all my nic for me to keep me sane lol… Anyway thanks for reading! Love you all


Congrats Dad and good luck! :metal:


Congrats to you both - diapers and no sleep fun! fun! fun! :confetti_ball:


Congrats Jayrell!! Awesome news! And smart of you to NOT say anything. :laughing: Though I’d wait until a couple months after the birth man… Springing news like that on a pregnant woman could be life-threatening. Namely, yours! Lol


Congratulations brother! And I second what @Sprkslfly said about not breaking any news to a pregnant woman, well unless you want to die!




Yea your probably right about that lol she is volatile enough as it is right now lol thats why i told you guys because i know you all can keep a secrete :wink:


Congratulations!!! I’m doing the same thing with my wife…the 0 Nic that is.:grin:


Congrats good sir.


Congrats to you and your wife, dear friend!


Congratulations!!! You sneaky bastard…


Congrats. I feel ya. The wife and I started over at 38 with our third. Good luck.


That’s Awesome!


Jayrell, always good news! congrats and a huge kiss to u all!


Congratulations to the @Jayrell family! Lovely news :smiley:


Congratulations on your 3rd Child

Here’s to many hours of fun, excitement and wonder!

Cheers! :beers:


Congratulations brother!!


I’m gonna need a few more of those before this is all over lol


Congratulations @Jayrell!!! Get some rest while you can. :smiley:


Congratulations!!! :tada:
I just started secretly reducing my husband’s nic too! Lol