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Source for tiny torx drivers?


Anybody know where to find tiny TINY torx drivers? I don’t even know what they’re called, micro torx?, Mini torx? Just torx?. The USB port on my mod has become so loose, I’m having problems charging it, and want to peek “under the hood” (Vaporesso Tarot Nano).

On a separate note, how does one search a string on the forums?. I tried single/double quotes, but still got an ANY word return, not an exact match for “Small torx”. I may start a new thread if I don’t get a good answer here first.

Thanks in advance


lowe’s , homedepot,auto parts stores, try torx precision screwdrivers in your searches


If you are near a Lowes, I picked up this and it has torx bits that fit my mods. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-18-Piece-5-in-Multi-Bit-Screwdriver/4176915


Thanks @worm1 & @Jim22. I had no idea Lowes, etc would carry these. These damn things are smaller than eyeglass screws. I appreciate it guys…


Personally I have something like this, if you can wait for it a few days you’ll get a better price than you would in a store, I actually got mine at menards because I had to have it right away.

58 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set, Magnetic Driver Kit with 42 Bits,Professional Electronics Repair Tool Kit f with Portable Bag for Repair iPhone, Cell Phone, iPad, PC, MacBook and Other Electronics https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072N833D8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_eKDlAbA8Y719F


Also, FWIW, chances are strong that the one you’re looking for is a 5mm Torx bit/driver (sometimes labeled #5).I’ve seen a few 5.5mm, but those are rare. Haven’t had the pleasure of looking in a Vaporesso yet, so I can’t say for sure.


@TerryL1 Like this ??


I got mine up first!


All of you guys rock out loud.

Thanks again


Yeah, but mines yellow !!!



You might want to lay off the booze for a month or so until the yellow goes away. Or stop trying to use banana peels for family planing…


Thanks again guys, found at Lowe’s for $4.98. 18 bits, phillips, slot, and torx. @Sprkslfly you hit it, was a T5.