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Sprks' thoughts on the Smoant Cylon!


I like the idea (as a stop-gap if it wasn’t under warranty…), but hopefully he takes advantage of it being covered (being so new)! :wink:


Eh I’m not gunna try to get it replaced as I don’t have any of the packaging or even the warranty card anymore. It was mistakenly thrown away a few days ago by my wife. The mod wasn’t pricey, so I’m not really worried about it. It’s more of an annoyance than anything else.

I may however investigate it deeper as all I did was hit the few screws. Might actually take it apart to find the problem and address it accordingly.

All in all, I would for sure recommend the device to people. And your review was very well done @Sprkslfly! I enjoyed reading it.


Love reviews like @Sprkslfly when the nice lil’ things are brought to the forefront, that are often missed in reviews. Great job !!


Beautifully done review dear. Thank you for all of your time and efforts. If I could afford it, you would have sold it to me. :slight_smile:


great review I love my smoants , battlestar , cylon and charon ( not TS ) they have all been great the only mods you will ever need


I didn’t have a chance to read all the comments yet, but that was brilliant!

First two quotes I love.

Third quoate, “should be easily replaceable by a qualified tech! I’ll have to update once mine actually dies… lol)”
I can testify, to the fact, that you are a qualified tech.

Fourth quote. We need to get you an oscilloscope.

I feel lucky that I don’t have enough money at the moment, to go out and buy this mod. After a review like that, how could I not. That was hands down, the best review I have seen, in a while. Way better than any of the “famous” you tubers.

Color me impressed bro. even your punctuation and spelling was spot on. :star_struck::+1::grin::muscle:


Wow man.
Your comments are very kind!
I’m flattered, and quite frankly, a bit embarrassed. As I think I still have a ways to go (in learning to do these assessments ‘properly’).

It takes so long to get these things together that I forgot to cover the fact that this thing fires so fast… And there are a couple pics that need to be clicked on to see the full pics (the shot of the bottom door for instance). /facepalm

I also forgot to mention that we’ve had one reported case (that I’ve read) where a member had a problem with a few lines in the LCD. (But so far it’s the only instance I’ve read of a problem)

Anyways, I just try to approach things from the point of view of “Would it be worth spending my money on?” when in too many cases, the answer is no.

But while there’s never any guarantee about longevity, this has all the positive indicators (IMO) of being a solid, long lasting performer!

I’m glad you enjoyed the “review”. =)


Hey, I resemble that remark…lol

What a great review, you knocked it out of the park brother! Please please please do more :+1: