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Squape [E] on mech. Mod


How did you build for the mech mods you already have?


I didn’t recommend anything other than a regulated device.
I just said that mech mods are not really suited for the type of builds that suit his vaping style.
But I accept your point that I should have made clearer the ohms law and battery safety issues.


I dont say i want start with low subohms. I know about the Battery Isues and I know the Ohms Law well and I have only LG Hg2 3000ma & Konions 4/5/6-Bateries. And I think is good to start with higher Ohms, and maybe, when i see that this give me not what i want I will try lower builds.


Ok good luck with that.


The HG2 is a decent battery, just dont build too low, i will say stay above 0.3 and no lower than 0.25 ohms, but no need to push the amp limits.


Ok, then i just misunderstood your previous comment.

0.1 ohms isnt what anyone need on a single 18650 mech, as he stated it was!


Why is that in your opinion?

I normally vape below 0.1Ω for the most part on a single battery mech.


Single 18650 mech? Which battery would you use for that?

Having fully charged to 4.2 volts (however, there will be some voltage drop which variate depending on the mod), at a 0.1 ohm build you are pushing 42 amps, that is why this is my opinion!!!


I only use Sony VCT5A.

As long as i know what i am doing there is no problems at all with that. I normally build around 0.08Ω to get that hot vape i’m after and that make it pull even more amps.

The thing is you don’t vape a mech as you do a regulated device. At least i don’t. Chain vaping isn’t a thing for me on my mechs since that can cause issues i don’t wanna have. Normally you take a pull and let it rest for a little while before the next pull.


That is also very risky to do and you are exploring a danger zone, even with the VTC5A. No matter if you chain vape, the pulsing will stress this battery, and you put them in a possible venting state.

No matter what, not anything that i would recommend ANYONE at all, specially not one who as it seem through this topic has very little knowledge about building for mechs.


The vast majority of mech mod users vape @ around 0.1ohms.
I use Sony VTC5As and a pulse of 2 or 3 seconds is safe @0.1ohm on those batteries.
There’s a big difference in what’s safe between pulse and continuous usage.


Dude don’t try to educate me please.

I know what i am doing and i don’t need to hear from you that what i do is dangerous.

I wanna turn this around instead and ask you how much experience you have in the use of mech mods considering you been all over this giving out advice on how this works.


Where do you get these numbers from, since you can make such statement? Most i know that would make such low builds on a mech, will have dual batteries in parallel, for safety reasons.


That’s my experience as well when it comes to mech mod users.


I am not trying to educate you, please read what i actually write. I write about recommending such builds for people, which was done, even though he tried to claim he didnt recommend anything else that regulated device.

Doesnt matter how much experience i have. I have enough to not tell someone with a single battery mech that a 0.1 to 0.15 build is what he needs.

You on the other hand, claimed that i he wouldnt get close to 14 watt on a mech, while fact is that it that it comes down to the ohms.

try to be a little less of a condescending prick, thanks and actually read what is written instead of this BS.


I don’t have hard evidence if that’s what you’re after. But if you do a little research, you will find that most mech mod users vape @ around 0.1ohms.
The 2 of us on this thread that use mechs regularly, both vape @ around 0.1, the more mech users that you ask, the more you will see that most (not all, most) also vape @ around 0.1.
In fact, I too usually vape @ 0.8 too, have for a couple of years, I’ve never had an issue with a battery even getting too hot, let alone anything worse than that.
I am not saying that everyone should do it, just that most mech users do.


I dont care what you 2 decide to do, if you want to push the amps that much, just hope it wont turn out bad.

What does matter is that you wrote that he needed a 0.1 to 0.15 ohm build, or what he should try a 0.2 even though he might not like it. Even a 0.2 ohm build on his best battery that is the HG2 would be pushing those amps.

Nice recommending that to someone who clearly doesnt have much mech experience!

I try to cut it out in cardboard box once more, it is about what you should or shouldnt recommend average joe to do here.

And again, most that i know or see around the web that makes 0.1 ohm builds does it with parallel battery setup, for safety reasons. Even with a parallel setup, i wouldnt recommend building that low, without knowing what batteries he got for the device.


I never recommended that kind of build to anyone and you would see that if you have read what i wrote. I only talked about what i use, not what others should use, a huge difference. Ok i talked about 0.1-0.15 or even 0.2 to get a decent vape out of a mech mod.

Oh no worries he can easily get down to 14 watts on a mech and at the same time sit and wait forever for the coil/coils to ramp up. So i will give you that it is doable. But as OP said himself he wanted to be around 14watts with no delay, which means he doesn’t wanna have a ramp up time. Please try that on a single battery mech mod and tell me if you like sitting around waiting for it to get hot enough to produce vapor.

Calling people names is not the way to go and since i never did call you any names i don’t see why you should go that way and do that to me. Just cool down.


I never claimed that you recommended this, but you are butting in a debate, where someone else recommending this.

All 3 of us have a long time ago agreed on a regulated device would be a better choice for him. What i have been trying to point out is that there is better reasons that he will be better off with a regulated device, than what his preferred build is.

Once again, i am, stressing that this 0.1 ohm recommendation shouldnt be recommended anyone with a single 18650, to which you decide to undermine because you personally like to puch the discharge limits way above what is recommended.

You might not have meant it in such way, but your previous comment was received as being condescending, but even more important way beside the point. What you are doing here is actually just clouding the point, instead of actually understand what is written. Once again, i never claimed that you recommended such build, so i dont even know where you get that idea from!


As you didn’t understand the first time, I’ll say it again…I didn’t recommend anything other than a regulated device.
If it helps your ego, I’m perfectly willing to say you are 100% right, he should not listen to anyone other you.
Happy now?