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Squape [E] on mech. Mod


Hahaha, another condescending prick comment.

Well, let me quote you once more.


You have taken my comment out of context

I said he’ll need that ohm level to “have a good vape when volt is down”.
I stand by that statement for simple reason that it’s 100% correct!
To experience flying like bird, you’ll need to jump off a high place and flap your wings.
To experience how hot the fire is when touched, you’ll need to put your hand in it.
Are they also a recommendations according to your logic?
It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and call people pricks, grow up.
BTW I won’t stoop to your level even though you’re trying to drag me there.


Point is still the same. He tells he got a single 18650 mech, and the context is the same. he is asking for recommendation for his specific setup and you tell him that he need 0.1 to 0.15 build, and not even considering anything else than what you personally prefer.

You wont stoop to my level, yet you were the one between the 2 of us who started the condescending BS.

Deny deny deny all you want, your told him that he need 0.1 to 0.15.


3 of us commenting in this thread, you called 2 of us pricks, you’re obviously a troll, so I won’t be feeding you anymore.
I know you’ll comment again because you feel you need the last word, you’re welcome to it!


Yeah i call you a condescending prick because of following comment.

Of course i will comment, when you are calling me out, then you can call me a troll all you want.

At least i am not the one who tells people new to building for mechs that they need 0.1 ohm builds on a single 18650.

What you need is to try to find out what people want and need, before you tell them what they need. What i was trying while you were busy telling him what he needed and didnt need, was to find out what he for a fact actually wanted and needed.


Okee dokee. I think some valid points were raised here. I don’t have much experience in this department but let’s sum up the conversation:

  • Opinions vary.

  • Mech mods are not regulated and more caution is needed (especially for beginners) and it is crucial to make sure you understand ohm’s law, your batteries true abilities, and your rda/rta/etc. before attempting a build and a vape.

  • Higher ohm builds are “safer” than lower ohm builds but will result in less power and heat. This may not be a satisfying vape for some and coil ramp up will be increased.

  • Lower ohm builds may be more satisfying and more popular, but they carry some risks that should not be discounted—namely battery venting. Again, caution and care should be used. They require more power but will give more heat and a lesser ramp up time.

  • Mech mods are considered more useful when building with lower ohms. Higher ohm builds are better suited to regulated devices.

Bottom line…
@Zugmaschine can build for his mech however high he wants to. Whether he should or not and if he will get the vape he’s looking for only he can decide. Either way, Zug, it doesn’t look like a higher ohm, lower watt build is going to give you an instant vape like you’re wanting. You’re going to have some sort of trade off.

(Did I get everything?)


Pretty much sums it all up.


Just want to point out that when it comes to ramp up material and gauge matter a lot. You can get pretty close to an instant ramp up at high ohm builds too, as long as you use “correct” material and thinner wires so you wont need 20 wraps.


Nice sum. Thanks!


Yes, @JoJo … nice sum up! Thanks for… well, you know… fixing the thread.:smirk:

@Zugmaschine … I was kinda wondering whether or not you would ever return to ELR after all that hubbub. :grimacing:

I still use a mechanical mod! :grinning:

I haven’t used a Squape E, but, a Kayfun V5 is probably not far off from that RTA.

I primarily twist SS 316… single wrap and twisted pairs, anywhere from .5 ohms to 1.5 ohms, depending on my mood, juice vaped, and what RTA or RDA I’m using. And guess what… all of my setups work pleasingly perfectly on a Mech Mod. :sunglasses:


Just say mech mod and people go bat shit crazy! That setup looks way to familiar bud. You can find me running round w/ mech tube or Kato hammer w/ kayfun5 @ .5. I dont like ramp up time and battery life w/ heavy metal builds so twisted kanthal for the flavor is where i stuck. At home i sit w/ a notorious parallel box w/ an rda @ .2


Ain’t it the truth?!?! :smirk:

I’m getting a little verklempt at the moment, :cry: thinking about the Kato I gave away to my daughter a while back… what was I thinking? :scream: Oh, well… made her happy. Maybe one day I can get one back in my possession. Though… I’d rather have this:

$225 of lovely! :sunglasses:


Technically, with 0.1-0.15 Ohm we’re putting the battery in “short Circuit” @35 odd amps I’d say: not a good or clever idea!

You’re very skillful!
Know what you’re doing!
Studied a lot how mech mods behave.
Got plenty of spare charged batteries and last but not least:
Very aware of how your whole setup behaves…

To gain that type of experience you need time, knowledge, lots of builds and test with the same atomizer (different atomizers behaves differently and you’d have to start up again… but at that time you should know what you’re doing)

Lumentum’s advice was because far too many kids on FB and beginners reading them, are whooeing the .1 build (I’ll say it again: .1 is a Short! wouldn’t even think lower then that! ) on a mech tube for CC without even taking care of their equipment, knowing the Ohm’s law on a thing that’s as dangerous as a gun.

Gentlemen, we’re shorting a lithium battery, like it or not!
It’s with a tecnique and experience that we are making it work “safely”

Don’t want to carry on with a flame, but we’re talking about safety… not vaping!
We’re adults and know what we do, but still we have to be carefull in what we tell people to do and make them well aware of the dangers they might? have to face…
I apologize if I sounded a bit dumb, but i wanted to share my thoughts about the .1 Build

BTW I do .15/.2 builds as well and love them, but I know what I’m doing on what.


Look at this video and 25.00 into the video and see what Mooch is saying about the VCT5A. He basically says that the Sony VCT5A can handle 70amps and even higher around 29.40 into the video.

Saying that a 0.1 build is a short is also kinda not true depending on what kind of battery you are using of course.
But as always if you are experienced enough to go that low or lower you also use the best battery available to avoid eventual venting or other issues that can occur.

Always educate yourself on batteries, builds, ohms law and whatnot to make the experience as safe as possible.

This is my last post in this thread, just wanted to show how good the Sony VCT5A actually is and that you got some headroom when using it.


@Kinnikinnick Iam 4 years a Vaper, i now that “hubbub”. Much times … hahaha!


I have also Kayfun V3/V5. They are both nice too.


Ok all debates aside I just received my mechanical mod from yiloong and have a dual coil build at .26 with a single vtc4 not really getting the vape I’d like so thinking of going to .18-2 ohms


I guess the ramp up time is a bit high and the vape is kinda cool.


Yup exactly kinda blows lol


I’m sure the vtc4 can handle .15 lol