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Steam-shark.com Good deals & Giveaway


So with you adding to not getting anything it went from 2 to 4 pretty quick. Looks like @StShark isn’t quite what they want us to believe.
If they promise to deliver something they should honor that promise and not dragging it out.
To those who came forward now they should ship out what they promised as fast as possible and not saying “in the next month”. I mean how hard can it be to package some coils and ship it out?


Oh wow so you are saying I received it, I have an msg from you from march 22nd stating that you have not sent my package and will send it next month, it’s been over a month I have not received anything. a company who can not even provide the winner the prize they have been promised is Unprofessional.


I did not receive anything from them and I gave up the hope to receive anything from them as I gave my address to them on march 2nd after that on march 16th I sent msg to them asking for tracking no, I did not get any reply so I sent 2nd msg on march 21 then I got the reply which is the last thing a new company should send to a potential customer, I’m adding the screen shot just for the proof that they have not sent me anything. you can also see the post which I made above about not getting any msg from them and asking them to reply to me.


after that last msg, i sent them asking about why it would take 1 month to ship the package I did not receive any reply for that so I gave up on them.


So @StShark started out saying there was only 2 that hadn’t received any coils from the giveaway and now all of a sudden theres 5 people that never got the promised coils.

I know i can spell the words “not trustworthy” and i’m sure others can as well. I must say that steamshark have handled this poorly and i still think that this vendor should be struck off from the vendor list on ELR.


Just an update to this. Since the last post where it was obvious that steamshark didn’t fulfill their promises not only to 2 people as they said but to 5 people nothing has happened what so ever with anything from them.

No tracker info sent out not a word saying the stuff is on its way, absolutely nothing.

@daath Can we please get this vendor deleted from the vendor list since it can’t be trusted in any way?
This vendor have promised to ship out prizes in a giveaway and they never did ship it out to everyone.

I am kinda fed up with vendors like this and it makes ELR look bad as well.


I have gotten nothing to date either - maybe it will come in 3 months but I aint holding breath. @StShark are you ever going to make good on promises or will you just come back here like last time and say they were all sent out or “I will do it immediately” or “next month when I get reminded”

I call shenanigans - sure some people got their packages but some people did not - Personally I judge a company on how they act when stuff goes wrong so far the company you represent or your own is an epic fail. I would not buy from you even if you sent me samples of every single coil and a gift card for $100 (if it was a $1000 I would consider it not that I would ever get the package)



Sorry for bring us so many not good impressions.Yes, I admit forget someone’s package.I will send to you in this month.Because we change our package,the order package appears some printing mistake.so we have to design new package.this will cost many times.so please keep patient. we will send you the new design package products.
Have a good day.


This thread is closed until the vendor resolves the issues here. Meanwhile vendor status has been removed.