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Steam-shark.com Good deals & Giveaway


You’re really sucking up, aren’t you lol. A very impartial and thorough review, too bad the vape bands didn’t fit though. :punch:


Oh, I’m sure he will find something small enough to put the vape bands on. Lmao!


Good review man. I need to work on mine but I’m hung up on 316L SS myself.


I appreciate how you always talk people up! :+1: :laughing:


You think it’s one of my finer qualities?


One of your finer qualities, absolutely :grin:


CoilART MAGE MECH Tricker Kit VS Steam Shark Staggered Fused coil.Best Match!


So i did win coils from @StShark back in february i think it was and still today they haven’t shipped anything to me. I heard a lot of promises but in the end @StShark doesn’t come off as trustworthy at all since they never came through on their promises.

At this point i am curious if there are others here on ELR that was promised coils from @StShark but never received what was promised.

If that is the case i think i will address @daath and ask him if he will terminate this vendor since it clearly looks like this one wont honor what he does promise. I mean unreliable vendors isn’t anything we wanna have around these parts is it…


Ya while I didn’t get them right I was promised some coils and he did get my address and details - i know others got their prizes so I was thinking it just may have been forgotten about - maybe it wasn’t forgotten but I have not heard anything since.


I sent about 12 free gifts to the winner.It seems most of them have been received them.some of them maybe lost the package. some received have been post the pictures in this page.you can find them.And I also need to say sorry to the winner who lost the package.I will send you again.please wait some times. we have new package like this.

Please keep patient. Thank you for you respones. We do not know you didn’t received our gifts.


They approached me for a review, which I was completely honest and told them that I would review them here on ELR and on INSTAGRAM.

They took my details and never shipped anything either.

I would agree to get them struck off the vendors list by @daath

At the end of the day I didn’t approach them, they contacted me via DM and then didn’t come through on their promises.


It can’t be any news to you that i never received anything since we have had communications over PM and the fact that i stated in this thread on at least 1 or 2 occasions that i never got anything from you.

I still stand by what i said about @daath removing you from ELR since it clearly shows your lack of commitment to the people you have promised things.


I have been said,your package mybe lost,I’m not for sure.most of them have been received,only 2 of you did not received.I do not know whether forget or something. We will send you again in the next month.@MysticRose@TheTinMan1@DrChud@Pattie@GPC2012 @fidalgo_vapes @Ajinkya @Rob62 have been receied my package.


I didn’t - I never got a tracking number and in fairness I never did mention anything to you


OK,depend on my mistake,I will re-send the winners who did not receievd our package.Please PM to me again.I will send the new package to you. Sorry again.


Done Thanks


I did get my package from them.


Seems to be my good luck not getting what i win in any giveaways here at ELR. Not the first time it happened.


I received a package no problems too.


I pretty much gave up on getting anything.
I was supposed to receive some juggernauts quite a while ago.
I would be happy to review them if this is still a thing.