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Steam-shark.com Good deals & Giveaway


Thanks @woftam the first answer, although the answer is incorrect,we still deside to send him our 4 box free samples. welcome to join in!


Thanks @StShark

@Grubby @GPC2012 @Fenrir1


Thx @woftam but as a rule I have an automatic coil builder. It’s my son. lol
Even installing loose coils is difficult with my hands.


I’ve pm’d you.


Pm sent I think I got one wrong


I have received my Steam-Shark wire and coils and will start doing reviews on each of them in this Thread . So far they look like well made coils , Let the testing begin :grinning:


Nice little haul there Rob. :ok_hand:
Like to hear what you think of them. :wink:


you can always edit a PM lmao. Does @Skullblade789 know about this well he does now


@MysticRose Just in case I messed up on the name of it


What was the fookin question?.


Post one. Identify the 4 types of coils.


Oh, I thought it was a new one. I should pay better attention lol. Thanks fella :thumbsup:


PM sent…crossing my fingers :upside_down:


Join this great contest and get to try and review free stuff!!!

@Skullblade789 @Fozzy71 @fidalgo_vapes


ok so i pm you the name of the coils???


pm sent @StShark


look at you showing off lmao


Ha ha, the same company you guys got stuck into me about sending out your address. I said trust them. You said no no close this down, and it was closed down @TheTinMan1

But now it’s clear it’s a giveaway ha ha your all over it .Lol.

Anyways there pretty decent coils. Importantly if they send you “Titan” wire. It is titanium and needs to be treated as such, etc TiO2 no dry burning only use in TC mode. Enjoy everyone, it’s a great opportunity to get good quality coils & wire to last you a long time.


fyi I hate giveaways…, never enter them. the only thing I hate more than giveaways are shout outs for giveaways


I won free samples too. Very excited to try them…only took about 40 minutes of loading pics and comparing coils…lol. I’m surprised I guessed right.