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Steam-shark.com Good deals & Giveaway


lucky you congrats


Noted. Won’t happen again.


The first time it got posted it was a give away also but presented in a totally different way. Several people pointed it out. Not sure why you feel the need to call me out but you can GFY. Arrogant bastard.


OMG i won i won ty everyone and ty @StShark


Well done princess :wink:…just think, with all that new wire you could make yourself a shiny new crown :kissing_heart:


Built Coil giveaway…I won free samples. Anyone want to try? I compared the pictures to the ones from their website until I figured out the answers and was lucky to be right. Anyone want to join the fun? Giveaway is in first post, good luck!

@SthrnMixer @BoDarc @Ken_O_Where @BoyHowdy @JoJo @Skullblade789 @GPC2012 @VapeyMama @juice_junkie_lover


Continued from last post as I could only name 10 people.

@Pattie @Whiterose0818 @Pro_Vapes @Amy2 @Maureeenie @Bearkat @lordvaper @Alisa


Thanks for the tag sis, :wink:
Already entered the competition, and I’m glad to a announcer that i have WON!!! :tada::nerd_face::champagne:
Just play the waiting game now :roll_eyes:
Big thanks to Steam-shark.com for the chance. :clap:


Totally interested! Thanks for thinking of me :smile:


@Fenrir1 @MysticRose @TheTinMan1 @DrChud @Pattie @GPC2012 @fidalgo_vapes If you can make a review (Video) about our products,I will send our other wires to you.The samples include Reisistance wire,118mm tube wires,T-shirt and Table mats.if you can do it, I can send to you togather.please let me know ASAP.we will send to you soon.


Thank you very much for the offer, but I don’t do video. Stage fright, that’s why the anonymous web works so well for me :slight_smile:

I appreciate the opportunity though! It’s just not my thing :relaxed:


Thanks for the offer but I’m the same as @MysticRose, but I’m sure someone will take you up on the offer. :wink::+1:


What about @Pugs1970 He has been known to do a review or two on mod’s and the like.
Mabey, if you ask nicely and send him the goods you want reviewed, he will do a video review for you. Just a thought! :yum:


Sure, why not. I don’t mind doing a video.


sounds fun and finally a good looking guy to do a review lmao me not you @TheTinMan1


Kind words my friend. But my profile pic is 10 years and 50 pounds ago, lmao. And don’t sell yourself short. I’m sure the ladies flock to your door.

ETA: I totally misread what you said. Bahaha!


i was saying im the good looking one , lol , not you its early still i know and im half asleep my daughter just flew back and headbutted me while iwas sleeping so i woke up to getting head butted in the nose wow did i just repeat myself ok going to sleep.ttyl


Yeqh, after reading again what you wrote I noticed you were referring to yourself. And I’ve been awake for 4.5 hours. Time for so more coffee.


i usually wake up at 8ish my first appts are set for 10 :wink: im just giving you shit this morning :wink:


I know you are. I will have to make a special mention of you in my soon to be viral video of this primo wire we are about to receive. Bahaha!