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Steep steeping time e-juice e-liquid


Most of the fruit blends I’ve mixed have steeped / matured / ‘developed’ within hours, or overnight at the most (like a good stew). I’ve found they don’t improve much after this time. In fact after more than two weeks, they seem to lose their distinct yet synergistic ‘notes’ and become a homogenous blur of undefinable yet still yummy fruit. When they’re first mixed / SnV / shake’n’vape / shake and vape [for the meta-data, sorry for the tedium] they’re predominantly one flavor, but almost universally after a few hours they’re as good as it gets. Here’s my current fruit favourite – Pink Fruit Tingle (Strawberry Deluxe?)

Most of the tobacco blends I’ve mixed take two to three days minimum before they achieve their complex synergistic multiple harmonious flavor heaven-on-Earth effects. As a SnV they’re just predominantly one flavor (usually one of the sweets [in my case cocounut]) but give it a few days and OMG, it’s worth the wait… (still trying to re-create ‘Port Royal’ – anyone…?) My current favourite – Sweet Cuban (Sweet Pipe Tobacco? Still to this day better than any tobacco I’ve ever smoked including Port Royal)

Enter the microwave – as you can tell I lean towards fruit and sweet tobacco eliquid / ejuice. With both of these blends I’ve found the microwave and a good shake achieves these steeping results within seconds – literally. A 60ml bottle takes 22 seconds, and 30ml takes 11 seconds (all my microwave ‘times’ are 11, 22, 33, etc) Just warm your fresh mix up not quite too hot for your finger over the end of the bottle to shake it up, and it’s just like exponential steeping – fruit blends become SnV instead of hours, and tobacco blends are hour/s instead of days.
It works for me, I hope it works for you :blush:


I find about the same with your fruit flavors. Time isn’t so much an issue for fruits but for tobacco I find that minimum 2 weeks to really get the full flavor of the tobacco. I primarily work with RY-4 and even though it’s pretty good after a day or 2 the flavor doesn’t really shine until a nice long steep.