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Step 1: Admission


Step #1 is admission. My name is George, & I’m a flavor addict.
I tried to slim down my stash & ending up adding 10% new flavors. WTF. I’m a noob who doesn’t even know what or how these flavors work together. HELP!. Lol
My biggest issue is I can’t physically vape all the juice I’m mixing…
What to do?
Chime in here… admission is the first step, right?


If all the ones you have mixed are enjoyable, then that’s awesome. If you actually want advice, I would say just focus now on small test batches until the herd is thinned enough for you to mix bigger batches. That should give you ample time to vape out your stock and have some killer mixes ready for the next flood!

If you were just funnin’ around, poo on ya! :wink:


Imagination can be helpful but basic baking recipes can give you ideas and then research the flavors you have that u imagine them being in or trying to mimic the ingredients list of baking recipe. This may help u research your flavors w/ mixing avg. and notes by others Recommended Flavors and Research List. For ideas if you type “flavor combinations” in the forum search you will get a few threads on the subject. Gl to u!


A bit of both… I want to fill the room with clouds & taste all the flavors I can. Alas I have limits. More or less I believe ( or hope ) I’m not the only one. If this is just common rabbit hole adjustment. I’m cool… if I need professional help that’s different. :joy:


I’m a mechanic by trade. Duplicating an exact recipe is just like removing & replacing parts. I have very little creative experience. I see a recipe & have an urge to duplicate it, taste it & see where I go… I got months of juice on hand right now. If this is a normal Noob mixer issue, that’s fine.
Feel free to add to the conversation. :wink:


Hehehe @GSAutoTech I think I’ve heard that before.

I would suggest SF testing them, but that can be overwhelming to say the least. I started writing down notes as to WHY I bought a new flavor, so when it shows up, I don’t forget LOL. As others have said, try small, then mix big.


Georgetown iirc, used to pass thru couple time a year on way to O.C Md


I have been resistant but I may need to make jump to RDA rigs, mix up small test batches & move forward. My ADV rigs are tanks with sub ohm Atty’s. Not yet ready to build RDA. Time issues. But I’m at an impasse. Arrrrg


Why have you been hesitant? RDA’s are pretty sweet for quick-testing mixes.


I don’t even know personally many vapers. My location & my life doesn’t bring me in contact with many fellow vapers. I don’t mind even giving away test batches.


Time is the biggest issue. Mixing started as a cost saving hobby. Just wanted to mix a juice for ADV that worked for me. All the sudden in got this giant stash & what to do? Dive deep or just find an easy mix I can use endlessly? Never tasted all these great flavors before. Bam, boot to the head. Lol. This is just a hobby, right?


So you don’t DIY your own coils then?


Nope, I was just a guy frustrated with local vape shop. Ordered mixing supplies & her I am. :sunglasses:


Hey, if nothing else, I found a great group of ppl I could share my day with.
Super happy there!


I can see it. I was hesitant too. Never knew how easy it was and didn’t want to jump into another rabbit hole.

But I am happy that I did. It doesn’t take me that much time to rebuild my rdas. It’s become my vaping chore just like bottle washing.

@GSAutoTech I understand what you mean about time. Yeah, at the start of mix and then rebuilding an rda it took extra time. Now it still takes time just not as much. The time it took to mix 1 bottle I can mix 3…the time it took to rebuild an rda I can rebuild 2-3.

Typically when I rebuild and design recpies I am watching YouTube or sports. Today I am listening to TED talks while rebuilding.

For mixing…I follow a schedule. One week on one day I do bottle wash. Then the following week on one day I mix. Often I fit rebuilding into the bottle was day or other day. I try to keep enough liquid on hand that I could mix every three weeks and if I have another bad week I could go 4.

So for my learning curve on time and scheduling…completing tasks does get faster and easier to accomplish. The second for me is sticking to a schedule.

As for flavor hoarding. Yeah. That curve is much longer. Now that I have hit three years of mixing…yeah, purchasing has slowed down to a grinding halt. This halt isn’t normally talked about because at that point folks fall off of elr. I’m still hanging in elr but have seen many of the old guard fall off. But it is true…the end of the curve is hard


It’s fascinating how some vapers get into DIY mixing before DIY coils. Coils are a breeze compared to the vast complexity of mixing. My hat is off to you sir.


I didn’t know he didn’t DIY. I thought maybe he was against RDA’s for some reason. I was hesitant too.


I also must confess to mixing way more then I could possibly use.
Although I have many friends that also Vape as well. So I seem to always find a home for most of my recipes.
I probably Vape around 200-300mls a month.
And mix somewhere around a 1000mls.
Between half a dozen new recipe testers and 6-7 120ml bottles of tried & true mixes.


i still use sub ohm tanks, 3 to be exact , but i also use rdas as well … it took me a while to enjoy rdas , i dont use rdtas though …as for mixing juice stock up , enjoy and Ya we all have been where you are now … btw yes most of us need help


I think it is out of necessity that people move to DIY juice.

I got my first subohm tank, a Crown v1, and 60mls of juice. The Crown held 4ml of juice and I could drain it fast. After going through a $29.99 bottle of juice in 2 days I knew it was time to make my own juice.

You think about all those Smok tanks out there that guzzle juice and it doesn’t take long for people to find a cheaper way.

The building was a quick and easy transition for me. For some it is not such as easy transition. Be it time, fear, loss of flavor, trouble wicking.