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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


Finally found the perfect solution for me:


Where you get?? I want for my steeping boxes!! :smiley:


They are cardboard cryoboxes used for storage of vials.
I had them custom made by http://www.freezerracks.eu/products/cardboardcryoboxes.html
Pretty pricey: 20€/box and 20€ shipping cost.
Worth every € for me, I have been looking long enough for perfect storage of my flavors…
This was my design:


Dang…I’m in the US. Guessing that’d be way outta budget for me. I’ll have to have a look around and see what I can find stateside. Great idea!


I’m sure you’ll find some online shops in the us that sell these cardboard cryoboxes.
eg: http://www.tenak.com/products/ult-freezers/cryoboxes/custom-design.html


…been working on my boxes, trying to time manage into my day. Have them all shiny on the outside. Bought some outdoor carpet tiles at a Church Bazaar (50 cents) thin and sturdy, but enough cushion and Juice resistant. Cut one to line the bottom of my picnic box …oh look my mag mixer fits right in there! …room enough for beakers. stir bars etc.

Oh good thing I was wearing clothes! :sunglasses: Ripped faux fir and foam from larger archery case. Glue underneath was old-school hide glue …water soluble …sprayed with Windex (ammonia) and scraped it out totally …tomorrow carpet and dividers


Looking great man!!


@daath- I love this idea! I already have some boxes this would work with, it would be way easier than my current method of pull, look, drop…takes easily 10 minutes to fetch the ingredients I want for a mix!


Im surprised i dont see any spice racks, freestanding or wall mounted.

You can get ones that go on the inside of a cupboard door too…

They are designed to make the labels visible for ease of selection

Im still undecided on what im going to construct :confused:


I simply love it! It’s sooooo easy and fast to work with :slight_smile:


I know, my organisational skills and awesome simplistic storage system that’s sooo easy to find and reach what I need puts you all to shame :laughing:


The bottom picture makes it look like they are stored in the ‘linens’ area atop the dryer… If that is in fact the case, might consider relocating them (especially if you have a door that’s normally closed, which alot of washer/dryer areas do) given the amount of heat that’s generated/retained in that area. Disregard of course if I’m reading too much into the pic. :wink:


Kitchen cupboard, the flavour box is located on top of the cupboard, what you can see there is the washing machine which is well away from the cupboard, thanks though :wink:


mine are stored in boxes too! However I cut them down to 1-1 1/2 in and organize by company then fruit / cream / other.


You have given me another idea!
Im full of em…

I have something going on right now but i will make a proper storage system where everything is easily accessible eventually

Magnetic stirring for the unfamiliar

Well my mobile lab is complete. It makes clean up a breeze and all my mixing gear can disappear (not the flavorings that’s next). Polished up, the 65 year old picnic box looks like it needs a hole for the laser to shoot out :sunglasses: The completed box holds 2 X 250ml beakers 1 X 500ml beaker, my scale and power supply, my mag stirrer and power supply, mag stirrer “bars” (the things that spin), nitrile gloves, and pipettes …everything needed to mix but the liquids.

Here’s the box. I didn’t get too crazy trying to perfect the shine, just some 0000 steel wool and silver polish. The latches are heavily patinaed …I like 'em a little crunchy, and they’re totally solid …nothing a little Scotts Liquid Gold can’t handle, close enough… The handle is Bakelite

Carpet tiles in the bottom and a mylar bubblewrap mailer (2x thick) for the liner topside make this tinny aluminum box have a solid feel, while providing cushioning top and bottom …looks pretty cool too! I cut some foam packaging to fit and cutout holes to hold my beakers. In the center is a protected spot for my scale and in the front there’s room for a bunch of pipettes, rubber gloves, mag stirrer bars and the two power supplies (scale and mag stirrer). The mag stirrer (another thread) fits on top

Here you can see the scale where it hides under the cigar box mag stirrer when all assembled for storage

…and here it is all ready to travel …to the closet …because I AM NOT going to try and get this through airport security …pretty sure this is how to make some list.


Very nice work man! :slight_smile:
Totally dig the final outcome on that refurb!!


LOVE this, great work there man, impressive :+1:


That’s straight out of a James Bond movie! Awesome work!


Beautiful. Nice work dude!