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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


That is so neat and tidy… in fact, that makes me feel guilty. I’ve migrated into 3 closets now. You have inspired me I’m going to fix my big closet so it’s all in one closet!



Im getting there. Been vaping 2 months. Diy for 1 1/2 months.
Also thinking a small bar fridge/freezer for concentrates vg/pg and nicotine. As I’m limited to the shed. It’s coming into winter now, but when summer comes it will be way to hot in here to store them without the fridge. :sunglasses:


I wish I had a basement I live in Southern California and don’t have basements at least in my neighborhood I use my desk in my den for mixing


So Cal basements are rare as hens teeth. Found in a handful of really old 1890-1920 houses. House next door to where I grew up has a basement but it’s really only suitable and big enough for the water heater that occupies it along with a good supply of black widow spiders
Even my own den may prove a bit to warm come mid summer and I’ve got a small dorm fridge I plan on moving my flavors into in the next week as temps in the garage where I was mixing already got uncomfortably warm the last few days.


To @Steve-o_54 and @Bob_Bitchen, when I lived in a place, Texas, that didn’t have a basement, I used a closet for doing my reloading of ammunition with one of those portable ac units set at about 70*F. My gunpowder needed to be stored almost the exact same way as our juice stuff. Just a thought, plus,Out of Sight,Out of Mind, so not anything someone will mess with.


Hey Bob,
should the flavors be refrigerated? (Got me thinkingI should do that too)


Yes it is best - you will extend their life. If you cannot refrigerate a stable temperature dark storage area is next best thing


Now I have to try to find a way to do that wife keeps both refrigerators packed full :weary:


Sneak onto ebay see if you can buy a cheap wine fridge or bar fridge you can fit a lot in if you make a few little draws

It is a pretty small fridge 500mm wide and has about 550 flavours in it


that awesome! Damn you got some flavors! wow I just have 122 (so far)


I’d have no idea how to keep up with that many,lol


I finally got my shit together! Mixing/building station in progress. Black box=steep box, middle box=PIFs, small box=SF testers.

Then I have a drawer for building supplies, a drawer for extra parts/gear, and a drawer for empties, vg/pg, and random paper/pens/tape type stuff.
I’m going to hang my racks of flavors on the wall eventually here, too.
And then I’ll run out of room and have to do this all over again somewhere else. Lol


I love seeing so many cool setups. I only started mixing in the beginning of April, and I don’t know if this is normal, but I have almost 80 flavor concentrates. I know it is not a large collection compared to some of these, but I guess I got a lot really quickly. And I wasn’t sure if storing them laying down was ok. But, now I can see it is, as long as they are not leaking. I am already outgrowing the foldout, 4 shelve box with a deep bottom, meant for makeup, that I bought to store them. And I am starting to think about what I am going to do next. I need to keep things portable or contained as my Dog would get into everything! If I am vaping something he likes the smell of, he will come and lay in my lap! Lol! I love to see so many DIY storage solutions! I barely got through the first 150 posts, but will look at more when I recharge my phone. I have a crown tank and it really uses a lot of juice fast! So I am mixing all the time, trying to get things that need to steep done as soon as possible. I can really only do a hot water bath right now, I don’t have any gadgets…yet! Thanks for all of the ideas! :blush: I know that I will be thinking a lot about this!


Hello All,
I was wondering how you organize and store your flavors? I want to keep them organized in my refrigerator and I found these items on Amazon (spice racks are too tall I believe).

Any thoughts or recommendations for refrigerator storage?

I did see this link also: Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?’'

However most of the photos I’ve seen were outside of the refrigerator.



Great big thread already for this :+1:

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Okay thank you. I will try to merge it. I’m new so provide me with some time.


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Thank you MisterSinner. I appreciate it! :hibiscus:


My pleasure. Didn’t want you to miss out on some great ideas on that thread :boom: