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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


That’s pretty sweet. I’d totally use something like that since I mix wherever is convenient (usually on the coffe table or in the dining room) and have to lug all my racks all over the place.


Exactly. I mix wherever is convenient. (Mee and two teenage kids in a very small condo = crap everywhere)

The cool thing is that it’s double sided. It’s a little pricey but I’m still going to pick up a few.


They have it in PINK (and it’s a little cheaper!)!!

I’m such a girl…lol Love me some pink!


I’m a guy and I love some pink too!


Wait, you were talking about the box…wait…so was I.


Yeah I bet… How did I know I’d get comments from the peanut gallery on that one…:laughing:


Don’t take all the blame, for a minute there I thought I was on the fly your freak flag thread.


Hold your horses, it’s not Friday yet!! :joy:


When has that fact ever stopped you i might ask ::grinning:


Carry on. :wink:


I have one to keep my flavors in. 15/30ml bottles with dropper won’t fit. Here’s a cheaper option. No pink though. xD


No Pink ?!?! Then what’s the point?


Hmm well… I’m not into pink…:smirk:


— NOT sayin’ a word :zipper_mouth_face:


I looked at that one too. Unfortunately the compartments are only 3" tall and most of my bottles are 3 1/4".


This is my setup. Storage is great!


Nice looking area! Wish I had less clutter around my house and a space like that to play with.


I had room in the basement but it was unfinished, So I painted walls, made a wall and built everything. Easiest was the actually shelves, I used MDF from Home Depot, cost me like 3 sheets of 24x24inch and used Gorilla glue for 2 of them, On of them I didn’t put doors so cost me like 2 sheets at 3,45$ each. All in all it cost me around 15$ each for the 2 with doors and like 8$ for the one with out.


So this is where all those excellent recipes come from!


This is my old storage cabinet everything is in a tote right now because i am in a move.