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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


Actually I’m right there with you. Under normal circumstances I just assume not have a phone at all…lol


this is what I did


the organization/OCD is getting along just fine…hmmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nope ocd hasn’t kicked in glitter should be with glitter not in two different cases, stripes should be with strips. Not to mention blues should be with blues and reds with reds


I picked these drying trays up at Aldi for $8 each, perfect for bottles and atties!


I have done a lot of my kitchen furniture like this,well worth the money and time, really brings out the wood grain and looks great !!!


This worked fine for me until I started to weight mix and put squirt lids on the concentrates. Before I could just look at the lids (I wrote the name on the lids) but now the lids are gone. So I will be looking into a better storage idea. For the concentrates, anyway.


@Pap I am both amazed, and UPSET at how NEAT your station is.


Haha. Thanks man…It’s expanded a lot since that picture !


Pics or it didn’t happen!


Naw live video ! Pics can be photo shopped


Well, a few years back I bought a couple of packs of assorted size plastic boxes that looked idea for freezing portions of soup, stew etc. Bit then I found them to be just about the idea size for my concentrates:

There’s one, or rather several, that fit 11 of the standard 10 ml bottles comfortably. And you can see most of the contents through the sides:

And then there are these, that fit nine of the 15ml Medicibne Flower bottles snugly, and fit nicely in the fridge door:

I only have four of that size, but that’s the least of my problems, supposing that my MF stash might expand that much. The next question is gonna be: where the heck will I keep my jam? :laughing: cos sadly, there’s only one shelf of the right dimensions for both MF boxes and jam jars.

No, no, no I am not gonna buy a dedicated concentrates fridge, There is nowhere in my tiny galley kitchen to fit one. So only the MF gets refrigerated, Well, that MF cost me more than all rest of my flavours put together, so it ought to get special treatnent, right?

By the way that style of box is called Polka, and it’s manufactured by an Indiian company called All Time

I bought the 17-piece set from Tesco (I think it was. It was masquerading as their “own brand”) but they no longer sell them .
You can buy that set and a whole bunch of other All Time sets other on Amazon, but they don’t ship to Britain :frowning: So if anybody sees them masquerading as anybody else’s (British) “Own Brand” please let me know! My soups and stews will love you!

The teeny tiny ones are ideal for keeping loose coils in


(…continuing from my previous post)

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that I only had six of those really useful 400 ml boxes. But I also had a load of shallower boxes with the same base dimensions. So I didn’t need to stop at 66 bottles. I used the shallow ones as dividers inside bigger boxes :slight_smile: And I still didn’t need to spend any money, just sacrifice convenience elsewhere. But then, the inevitable happened. It got to be too many little boxes all jumbled together in drawers, and i was having a hard time finding the ones I wanted. I even duplicated some of them, swearing blindthat i must have forgotten to order that one. :laughing:

So…what now? Spend a bit of money I suppose…on something that i can’t vape! *sigh * . But hey! I’ve always fancied those apothecary cabinets, and now i have the best excuse ever to get one. I poured over the offerings online. Most were way out-of-my-league, ofc, and only made me drool. Also, most of the drawers were far too shallow for my purposes, given that I’d rather stand them erect (I have an uneasy feeling about laying them on their side) I got rather sick and tired of carefully looking up the exact dimensions.

But then i spotted this one on Amazon @just £23. There’s a good 10cm height in those drawers. Overkill for the 7cm high bottles, but useful for overlarge bottles and other knick-knacks. I bought two and now have them stacked one on top of the other:

I completely removed the upper large drawer, to show how neatly my little boxes fit inside it. Front row:

  1. Botanic Elixir, fruit flavours
  2. Botanic Elixir, miscellaneous
  3. RF SC fruits
  4. RF SC deserts

Back row

  1. Bakery (various brands)
  2. flavours useful as “sweeteners” (various brands)
  3. butters and creams (various brands) …and you see I found a use for yet another size in my plastic container collection. (er, not that I didn’t already have a use for it)

The little drawers are rather too dark and deep for yet standard 10ml concebntrates, but would take ten apoece, if suitably adapted (i.e. something inserted to raise the bottom by 3 cm). or mmaybe I won’t bother with that. I currently have my 1.8 ohm Aspire coils in one drawer, my 1’2 ohm coils the next…etc. That might hopefully spare me from screwing the wong coil in again. Plus…Well, i can think of more uses than drawers TBH . But yeah, that still leaves quite a few concentrates unaccomodated.

You can see those others in one of the big drawers underneath that whole caboodle. Well, at least they all fit in one drawer now! you can also see one of my steeping drawers (on the left) and my 30ml steeping box (an outsize “essential oil box” also purchased om Amazon) And a few bottles that have pipettes in them for untrammelled consumption :slight_smile:

I have hopes of reclaiming that chest for other purposes…well, half of it, anyway (there’s also my kit drawer and empty botles , and…well, you know the sort of thing.

I can improve on the above, and probably will, but just for now, I’m happy enough as it is :slight_smile:


I recently bought 6 of these nail-polish stands at Amazon. They hold 30ml bottles nicely.


That’s how you do it @Inspects !!!


Late last year I posted a picture in this thread with a cabinet I got to put all my stuff in one place. That lasted about a month, then I began weight mixing. I used to write the names on the lids so I could just pluck them out of the drawer, but when I switched to weight I replaced the lids with spin-caps. Using a shelf in a cabinet was no longer useful since I could no longer read the caps. So today I got an easier way. Now that I have it all out, I can’t believe I am still always missing two or more flavors from every good recipe I see here. Everything out in the open is a different flavor. Alphabetized it even. Doubles, nic, VG, PG are in the drawers. It’s still a work in progress. Battery charging station will be on the left, scale and mixing station on the right. Eventually.


Welcome to the party @Phil_Fish, the party never ends !!!


I’ve had that many for a long time now. I’ve just never had them out and organized like that. Kind of hard to believe how many I have, compared to how many I DON’T have…


Hehe, I’m trying to think of how to put this delicately, … start shopping for a bigger desk !!!



Long shelves to hang on the wall above the desk will be next!