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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


Thanks man :grin:🖒


Whoa…Fuk me Now that’s a hub, envious beyond words…slowly getting
there I’m still trying to middle my way through mixing…but I’ll get
there…I talk a lot with Simon and he’s been a massive pillar of support
when I’ve felt completely fukin lost…but mate I gotta mention the
pug…PERFECT…brilliant…great setup dude…


Ahh…that would be Mr Edward Leopold Remmington III (Ted) …the Steampugs mascot :wink:
And thanks for your kind words :grin:🖒


@Lexie3 better to start out with chaos, instead of ending up with chaos, cut out the middleman lol…


@SessionDrummer lol this is true. Its still chaotic too . Two more orders came in yesterday when i was trying to mix, but just got my storage racks today. Hope to tidy up some soon

Holy Juices up above batman! d*$)#$T&


Love that office phone! Good times…


At this point, don’t even know what the age of that phone is. It’s used only when the power is out. Many remember others don’t have a clue but these phones got their power from the actual phone line. No power to the house but you still have a phone if you own one of these babies…


Land lines are like.



Kept my G-Parents which they had forever even after wireless land lines.


This is your phone…

7 days without power to charge it and this is your phone…


Suddenly even morse code starts looking appealing…lol


Edit : a good phone is never a paper weight.


All Joking aside I lived through Hurricane Ike here in Texas. Some people had no electricity for over 2 weeks. Cellphones weather they had a charge or not, DID NOT WORK and yes, even landlines were down. BUT, the first form of communication we had was our Landline, not our cellphones. It was a couple more days before we had cellphones again. Electricity came back on later on yet. Also keep in mind in emergency situations such as IKE, if you do not already own it, you’re SOL. Stores can’t open without power or if flooded. Those that could open cause they had generators sold out of any essentials within hours of opening leaving the majority without. Product delivery to stores was impossible at best for days. Don’t already have a solar charger, good luck getting one. Not sure there was enough sun to charge anything by solar anyway. Extremely dark cloudy skies for quite awhile during Ike. I drove over 200 miles round trip to come up with a generator. It only generated enough power to power a few lights and a computer (Once the Landline came back online we had internet). We also had to plug in the refrigerator to not lose our food so we had to alternate what the generator would be used for. Frig a few hours Computer for a few hours, etc, etc, ect. What one should gather from this story is in time of emergency you MUST be prepared. In emergency it pays off to have any and every form of communication with the outside world. You’ll find out the hard way that there will be no Cellphone service because it is all being diverted to emergency service. Better go out and get you one of those old time landlines. One of these days you may just wish you had one…


Only if you have copper to the house!
(of course, that’s still the vast majority!)


My grandfather was a Telegraph operator for the railroad in the early-mid 1900’s!!!


Unless of course, you’re seriously pissed at the person you’re trying to call. Then the latter starts looking pretty good! :wink:


My new design for my e-liquid storage and making station


Sorry to de-rail the thread but…
Oooooooh, now, that rotary phone :open_mouth: :star_struck:
Thems was the days when you had the actual number printed – er, TYPED – on that round paper in the middle. Why did we need our own number on the phone? IDK! I mean, you only had the one, and everybody in your household had the same, which almost NEVER changed.

Personally, I prefer the old phone idea. WITHOUT Answering Machine! Call back if ya got sumthin’ important to say, or see me when ya see me. Communication that’s worthwhile got through. And, I don’t have to look in 15 places several times a day, just in case it’s not all spam. Makes me wish for rocks!


Yeah, staples always on-hand here in Hurricane Alley. When crap goes down, I’m happy to sit at home and take a breather. The last of my worries is a phone. No electricity for the phone? Thank God!! I guess it’s kinda clear I hate my phone, huh? :persevere:


Looks like a suitcase. Are you going to do live mixing sessions like a DJ? Sorry for that, but if i imagine: Today at the “Vaping Chamber” Spiritsfyre!!! He will mix us a icredible Custard and backery set!

By the way, looks very nice. But i think you will need another 5 in the near future.


The materials are gonna cost me around $110 and I have to have my dad’s help to build it because I don’t have the tools. But if I did I’d definitely make more if people wanted them if I could.