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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


I do not have the space for a separate room or shelves etc. I use one of these for main stuff and totes for seldom used items.

You can find them cheaper at other re-sellers like WalMart



It’s the doctor!


This is me exactly here. I have you by almost a month though. It’s either too many choices or my growing stash is changing up the way I think. I’m sure your eyes have crossed over like mine. Lol :slight_smile:


Okay, now that’s just smart. I was thinking of putting colours on the lids to differentiate them by letter or brand, but your way is more efficient and easy to add on to. Thanks for posting this. :slight_smile: I’m a newb here. Lol


It just makes it a breeze to find and fetch my flavorings :slight_smile:


You know what… I’m delving into that, I am a republican/liberal… :joy:
A mate of mine and I had a discussion about the Maillard reaction at low temperatures on our mixes, after probably too many beers, but it definitely is food for thoughts.

P.S. Yes you’re right, I’m one of those BBQ fanatics.


I don’t believe it happens in juice (of course i have been wrong before and no doubt will be again). For a Maillard reaction to occur there must be the presence of sugar. I believe that what we see in juice (colour change etc) is simply oxidation of either nic or flavours.


As I said: “after too many beers” but… we have glicoles… basically it’s sugars, it can happen at low temps… (have to study about that, tipically it’s from 140 to 160°C but I read somewhere that can happen around 60°C) and the discussion went on about tastes, steeping etc… the question was mainly: What if…
You know us mixers…
But probably it was just one beer too many…


Here’s my set up. All you need is a 2x4, 1x6 and a couple screws. I positioned my steps to accommodate 2 x 15 ml bottles or 1 x 120 ml bottle with ease. The 1 x 6 end caps just provide stability… if your steps aren’t as deep or you put a bit of scrap 2x4 on the back (kick stand) you should be good to go.


I use one of these to keep a lot of my mixing supplies in and off my desk space. I don’t have a lot of room either. The trays are a little deep for storing flavorings and still being able to read labels but are roomy enough to hold trays of liquids and still keep them handy. Fits right next to my desk and takes up almost no room for $30.


I’m using one also. On wheels what else can you ask for. I’ve also got this one…



Very nice diy


Thanks Rex!


you just gave me one heck of an idea. time to break out the table saw, router table, miter saw and nail guns…


Toss up some pics when you get it knocked out.


Seriously Im jelly…thats half of it:[ my diy on organization


Hey you stole my bottle organising system :rofl:


I put three of them on my wishlist! Great minds think alike! I think for now I’m good with my wooden box designed for essential oils. It’s not holding it all, but until I move in 2 months, I don’t have room for one!

I’m so excited to get one when I do! Thank you! Good to know that worked for you. Do you have any dividers in it? I’ve seen plenty of organizational drawers and etc., but I don’t want the bottles to fall down.