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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


So I thought I’d ask and see if anyone has a good setup for storing and organizing their DIY stuff? I have been thinking about a tool box or tackle box but I would love something that you can add dividers to so stuff doesn’t fall over?? maybe something with a larger area for the PG/VG/Nic then the dividers for flavors and maybe a couple fold out shelves for measuring syringes and what not? Whats your guys thoughts on this?

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I got some small plastic boxes that seal:

You can see bottle numbers on the side, and the bottles have numbers on the caps like so:

And I have a small excel sheet (and the flavor number in my flavor notes on ELR):

That way I can get the flavors I need for a recipe in seconds.

It really helps!

I am consindering getting a small fridge for my flavors, PG, VG and nicotine as well :smile:

Plano Stowaway - Flavor Storage
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The smell of all these flavors is nauseating!

Very nice @daath excellent Ideas. That’ll be my next project as I get more flavors.


I’ve been looking into getting an acrylic nail polish rack. The Google has a bazillion images of such a thing. This is on the assumption your flavor bottles are the size of a nail polish bottle??? 10 - 20 ml bottles???


I bought this box for $20 at home depot. It fits almost everything.


thats the kinda idea i’m thinking about. but i would like to have something that would hold 30-120ml size bottles (1-4oz) as thats the size i assume i’ll have to buy. however that is the right direction


awesome I saw this exact one at walmart when I went earlier today to get my son some medicine. that might be my best bet. it looks like it would hold my 120ml nic and 250ml vg and pg in the bottom with the bottles and syringes and the 8ml flavor bottles in the top from wizard labs, which it looks like you have a few yourself up there


Most of my bottles are like @daath, 10ml. If I get larger bottles of flavoring, I usually bleed them off into smaller 10ml bottles anyway for ease of handling during the mixing process.


Another very good idea i’ll take note of :smiley: thanks guys


I use a rolling Craftsman red tool box multi draws and hey it’s on wheels. I have dividers I found at wal mart that were once tackle boxes torn off the lid and use the bottoms for compartments then use black non skid stuff under the boxed ( the kinda material you use under your area rugs so they don’t slid ) have that lined in each drawer. I have the smaller tool box that has 6 drawers it sits on top of the larger tool box that mechanics typically use and I’ve filled that with syringes VG, PG Nic and all my tanks chargers I still have plenty of room.


Ok let me get this straight. Hmmmmmm, I get it, you’re a Vape Monkey LOL

Actually that sounds quite organized and a wonderful idea. Hat’s off to you!


That’s true love to vape !!!


I keep my small bottles of juice in my humidor ,since I no longer smoke cigars and gave it another purpose.My mixing supplies, vg, pg nic, flavors extra empty bottles and etc. are are kept in a “hope chest” that I inherited when my parents passed away.Really had no use for it,but it was more of a sentimental piece of furniture from the 1940’s.Also I have two dogs that can’t get into it.


@daath , may I ask where you found those boxes?

I have been looking for some nice storage bins for all my flavorings I have acquired over the past months. I have found a nice one on amazon that holds 30 but it’s almost $30 itself, I could get a huge batch of flavorings for that price :smile:

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Sorry man, I got these at a local supermarket in Denmark… It looks fairly standard though, so you should be able to find something similar! :smile:


Darn, knew it was too good to be true haha. I’ll just have to keep looking. Thanks though!



I’m very jealous! What a great setup. I wish i was that organized …and that my toolbox wasn’t full of greasy tools .


What you have here appears to have a lock. Is there anything smaller with a lock? I have a little one with excellent problem solving skills.


i started with a tackle box then a 3 drawer rolling organizer then my fiancé saw a sale for both top and bottom on sale at Sears online it was 220$ with local pick up. I told him he was crazy I’d never fill that thing up ha well I’ve got plenty of room but it’s way fuller than I’d ever expected that for sure !