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Strange crystals in fresh flavoring?


Hey guys. I opened a fresh 8ml vial of CAP Bavarian Cream that I got from Wizardlabs in February and it has a bunch of white crystals floating at the top. After shaking it up very thoroughly the crystals are still there but now they are spread throughout the flavoring equally. The temperature of the flavoring is about 70 degrees and it’s been that way for at least a month now, between February and March it may have gotten down to 45 degrees at the lowest. None of my other 57 flavorings have crystals like this. Anyone know what this is and/or why it happened? Thanks.

edit: additional info: The crystals are paper thin and rectangular, about 1mm long, and white/silvery/sparkly like a fresh snowflake.


My Capella Super Sweet does that, and accumulates around the neck of the bottle. Let me check into a bit for you.


I don’t know about that specific flavor but I have heard of certain flavors crystallizing when they get cold. Try submerging the bottle (just to below the cap so none leaks in) in cup of hot tap water just to warm it up a bit. If the crystals dissolve after doing that and giving it a good shake then getting a little too cold at some point is probably the issue.


Ah, crystallization of EM in the concentrate, just downloaded a pdf from Capella on shelf life.


Shouldn’t these crystals go away at room temperature after I’ve shaken it thoroughly? I’m thinking about just chucking this vial and living out the rest of my life with TFA Bavarian Cream, I have a ton of other CAP flavorings and none of them have any crystals in them.

My CAP supersweet, which has been stored right next to this one and was bought at the same time, does not have any crystals. I really think there is something wrong with this Bavarian Cream.


Always better safe than sorry dude. If you’re not comfortable, chuck it.