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Sub Ohm Tanks with Cartridges-Need updated information


Hello Scale Jockeys hope all is well everywhere. I looked for threads to answer my question but none similar to my topic is specific or up to date enough for a clear answer.

I need to know which sub ohm tank that performs well and is easy on the wallet buying replacement coils as I’m told some are expensive. I am trying to help someone off of the 20 plus a day little life vampires and they are in no way wanting to start off building and wicking coils no matter how easy I say it is and that I’ll help. So starting off with a decent sub ohm tank is key and it doesn’t need to be the best. Good performance with the cheapest replacement cartridges is what we are after. I am not up on this type of tank and the only one or two that I ever had I gave away. It took the good RTA’s to move me from drippers so I don’t know a lot about these type of tanks so here is where I know I have my best shot at getting help to find what I’m looking for.

Thanks much guys and girls, I appreciate any insight and suggestions…


For me that would be the aspire cleito


Yep, the cleito coils have fantastic flavor and great vapor production, and they’re easy to find at most vape shops if your friend needs one in a pinch or doesn’t want to order online.


Third vote for the original Cleito for DL (0.4 coils only). Or Nautilus Mini for MTL.


I would recommend the milo 3 coils are cheap about $2.00 each and they last about 2 weeks.


Another vote for the cleito! Not the big crazy one, but the regular one. I haven’t tried to big guy. Also, the HorizonTech Arctic V8 was my next favorite. Lots of coil options and very fairly priced. I recommend the Tiger coil option. It says it’s for the Arctic V8 mini, but it fits the regular one perfectly.


Cleito is a good choice but it is very airy so may not be a great choice for a smoker. I would suggest the Tobeco Super Tank Mini. It uses Atlantis style coils so they can be found anywhere and they have plenty of MTL and DTL choices. The Tobeco branded coils are really good and run about $8-$10 for a 5 pack.


The Crown 3 is my go-to tank for home and the OG is what I usually take out to school. I really love the Wotofo Flow as well and it takes Flow coils or Baby Beast coils giving you a little bit of wiggle room. The coils for the flow seem to last an okay amount of time. I bought a pack of beast coils but haven’t tried them yet. I order my Crown coils on FT so I can’t speak to how expensive they’d be locally. Just another 0.02 to think about. :wink:


Just an FYI, here are all of the other coils that are interchangeable with the Baby Beast.

Eleaf - HW coils
Geekvape - iM4 coil
iJoy - XS coils
Joyetech - ProCore Aries coils
Vapefly - Fantasy Mini M8 coils
Vaporesso - NRG coils
Sigelei - SLYDR M SM coils


Oooh…so if they’re interchangeable with the BB I wonder if that means you can use them in the Flow. :thinking:


Thanks for the replies and suggestions everyone, I appreciate the ideas and I think I know which one I’ll get.