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Sucralose Alternate to SuperSweet?


Hey all,

Quick question. Would be safe to use this pure Sucralose (diluted in pg) as an alternative to SuperSweet?

They have this on Amazon, it says its pure and the reviews seem pretty satisfying. Need your expertise here.



Yes you can - i can’t recall the exact % cap use I think it is around 10% it also has some other ingredients (citric acid from memory and Sodium Benzoate). If you use pure sucralose the tfa website will give you the % they use in their sweetener (which are less than cap)


Edit: ah found the list for super sweet

Citric Acid
Sodium Citrate
Potassium Sorbate
Sodium Benzoate


I currently am using the following pure USP sucralose powder diluted to 10% in PG and it works great. I still use SS once in a while but the sucralose is my usual sweetener. This company has free shipping and is a little less ($) than the one you listed on Amazon. They also have USP stevia powder. https://www.prontofoods.net/products/sucralose-powder-bottle


Thanks. Pure sucralose mix 10% in PG or even VG for no refrigeration.


Thanks for the link. I think this is better than what’s on Amazon, lesser cost and good grade. Free shipping too :grinning:


W/PG refrigeration is unnecessary! (it dissolves much better too)


Thanks. will be placing an order. A couple of questions; 1. Whats the difference between 100% pure and 100% pure “Express”.
2. Any idea where i can get good quality Ethyl Maltol crystals.

Thanks again. Greetings from the mountains. :slight_smile:


Not sure where you are seeing “express” but the product is USP grade with no fillers. This is what you are looking for in terms of it being safe to utilize for vaping. With regard to EM crystals many of the flavor concentrate online sellers carry this product. I’ve personally not reconstituted EM from crystals so can’t be much help in that area.


Thank you so much. Going to take your advice. Sorry about the late reply.