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Sugar cane concentrate!


Hi I’m new to mixing flavours and just wondering if anyone has anyone got any suggestions on a flavour to replicate sugar cane? Thanks :grinning:


I know that Flavor West have a Sugar Cane flavor, but I’ve never tried it. I guess FA Peppermint can be used as well or any other peppermint and if you add a little sweetener you’ll have a good starting point. Adding some milk or cream will smooth out the edges.


I’m wondering if the OP means actual sugar cane? No idea what that tastes like unfortunately but peppermint candy cane - yum!


Or…does sugar cane taste of peppermint? I truly have no clue and am confusing myself :joy:


I was wondering about the peppermint reference myself. I had a small piece of sugar cane years ago and I really don’t recall any peppermint taste to it. But who knows, maybe there are different varieties of sugar cane, you know, minty sugar cane, coffee flavored sugar cane, plain sugar cane, etc. I really don’t know :laughing:
I’m sure Underanne knows a LOT more about it than me, so I’m bowing to her superior knowledge.


I didn’t even think of that lol - if that’s the case I withdraw my answer hee hee. Thanks for chiming in both of you. @Lolly and @Saxon2 My mind was set on the candy canes we enjoy at christmas.

And I’ve never had any of them lmao, so I definitely don’t know more than you, Randy! Stop the bowing at once! :joy:


:laughing: you kill me :laughing:


So, I looked up these two recipes for you to make up for my mistake lol


Mistake? WHAT mistake?
Don’t forget the fact finding mission. You’re gonna loose your sainthood!


:grin: That’s true. Oh my forgetful memory - it’s your fault; you called me old! (Also, shush, op’s now so confused they’ll try both anyway bc no one knows what is what now.)


Hangsen has a rock sugar. Don’t know If that helps or not.


From what I remember of the taste of Field Sugar Cane Stalks in Hawaii it’s like chewing on a piece of wood soaked in simple sugar water. Sweetish but no real taste jumped out that I recall.
Try Stevia for a blast of sweet.

Doesn’t take very much so go easy.


I have some of this, but have found it very hard to get it to work in mixtures, due to finding the right % for it. It is much less sweet than tpa sweetener or Super Sweet for instance, with little or no discernible taste, only a slight hint of sweetness.

It is based on the Chinese crystalised lumps of sugar, they use to sweeten there tea. I believe the real thing is made from cooked sugar cane.


I found a sugar cane concentrate for you !!!

C 1018 Cachaça Extract W.S.