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Summer Vapes 2017 ! Let's see them WIPs & Recipes


Yea It’s the only one I shared here that I have written and have not mixed lol i’ll share the link

@Saxon2 here ya go you’ll be doing me a favor haha I’m just kidden I want to mix this one but will have to wait until I get finished moving in. Let me know what ya think ! http://tjek.nu/r/a9ck?token=bb378ba49334e69


Absolutely! I’ll be happy to be the lab rat on this one :grinning:


You said it not me lol Lab rat very funny. Ok well if ya tweak it let me know I am finding RF SC Vanilla Custard to be very buttery rich and slightly creamy around the 3-4 week mark and am hoping the coconut will be more of a topping and not necessarily the top note it’d be great if the blue slush is primary and custard is the secondary note and then just a light back note of coconut and coolness w/ a creaminess.


My thoughts exactly. I’ll try and get some whipped up tonight. Were you thinking 3-4 week steep?


Yes for the sake of the custard at least 3-4 weeks. Although ask anyone and they’ll say I steep everything for a month lol ! If you try it along the way jot some notes down I think I liked the VC at a month the best ! Thank you and I hope you like it !


This is really close to the canned nectar but it’s missing a sharp tangy note, maybe pineapple would help?

Jumex Style Guanabana V1

Ingredient %
Cactus (INAWERA) 0.5
Fuji Apple (FA) 2
Guanabana (Flavorah) 3
Peach (SC) (Real Flavors) 0.5
Pear (FA) 1

Flavor total: 7%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!


If tang is what’s lacking consider Ecto Cooler FW, or lemon sicily FA in small portions. The recipe makes me want to drink it haha I’d rather vape it I’m sure those drinks are not calorie free :wink:


You’re very welcome, and I’m sure I’ll love it with little or no tweaking necessary. I usually will do an initial taste and then taste weekly for the remainder of the steep. Maybe longer if the custard hasn’t bloomed yet.
I’ll make notes as I travel through this adventure :wink:


I’ll try a little Lemon Sicily since I already have it. Thanks for the tip!


I have a few mixes I’m making tomorrow. Hopefully these will be good and ready for this summer…




OOHH cherry sprite yes ! Those looks yummo let me know how they go !


Just made this the other day for the hubby (he’s my guinea pig :wink: ), a little finger test was great, it should be a nice bright summer mix.


Looks great ! Teacher haha love the name…Preacher Teacher :wink:


Very much a WIP


I can only do simple but I’m getting a lot of positive feedback at work on this one.


I was looking for info about their flavor offerings, can you supply a link?


It caught my attention as well PV :wink: huh who are they ? I’ve heard of mom and pop but not Pope and Brewers


After a little more research I found this link… https://makemyvape.co.uk/pope-and-brewers-gourmet-flavours

Here’s more info on the Calculator…


That is fine work my friend and so quick ! Thank you :smile:

Hmm on ELR looks like there isn’t a lot of ppl rating them. I’d like to know if they’re rebottles or actually a new line…I also see the pound sign sooo crapper we’d be shelling out pounds of money lol for who knows how good of a concentrate. Interesting thou !

I will send them an email !

Update: enquiry sent ( haha like how I said that instead of inquiry :wink: ) I am already speaking in a terrible unknown accent )


And it should be good for you, only 5.5% pg! :grinning: