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Super Moon


Tonight is the last Super Moon of 2017.

This is a photo I took a few minutes ago with my little ol’ Nikon Coolpix camera. I swear even though my eclipse photos came out so wonderfully, this photo actually blows me away. Makes me want to get an actual camera now :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! Cloud cover ruined it here,couldn’t see a thing.


Good enough to see our flag so what more do you want?


We saw it this morning. :slight_smile: Does that count? It was pretty big and lovely. Abbers liked seeing it a lot.


I was at work the other day vaping outside. I ran into the building frantically and shouted for one of the girls to come quick. She is breathlessly saying “whats wrong!?” I say, just look at this beautiful moon!!
Remember to enjoy the little things! An attitude of gratitude is always rewarding!


Dang, I forgot to check it out. Love this kind of thing. We were lucky enough to have that eclipse pass over the house earlier this year (my avatar is my poor-quality photo). Have always loved weather, especially living in tornado alley. Been way too quiet storm-wise lately!


Funny you mention the eclipse. I was dead center of the path and took some killer photos (by my standards) and put them in a folder. So I took several of the moon photos and made another folder. While I was doing that, the eclipse folder caught my eye and I decided to look at them again. I don’t know how it escaped me the first time but one of them has a plane that was just visible in the corona. So cool, although not one of my best shots.


Both of these shots are amazing, good job!

The first one looks like a large ashy apple (the core at the bottom right)
The second one, the plane makes it, really cool! :+1:


Great shot! You deserve a great camera :smiley: Not that there is anything wrong with your current one! :smiley:


Very cool! The plane looks like a scout returning to the mother ship.


I guess apple is better than what another feller said… “it looks all potato”


I’m late to this party @SthrnMixer but the shots look great, and my wife still has her CoolPix 990 and it’s still a very good camera.