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Super Sweet by Capella or Sweetener by TFA?


I have been using Super Sweet by Capella, however, I was wondering how well TFA’s sweetener does by comparison. There is a significant difference in price, so it makes me a little weary of getting it. Does anyone have any experience with these sweetener’s?


I haven’t used them, but their ingredients aren’t too hard too find.

TFA Sweetener is PG, water, and sucralose.

CAP Super Sweet is water, sucralose, citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate.

So off the top of my head CAP should be ever so slightly more lemony (from the citric acid), and sour/salty (from the sodium citrate). And also has a couple preservatives in it (probably to inhibit mold growth which isn’t a problem in PG). I’d say the TFA is cheaper because it is a simpler mixture. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just different.

Looking at recipe data on this site, I’d say Cap Super Sweet is about 35% stronger that TFA Sweetener


So basically I could get the TFA and spend less but use more…or I could go with Capella and spend more and use less, but at only $6.00 for a 4 oz bottle of TFA sweetener, I wouldn’t mind using a little more! Thank you for taking the time to look at this for me…I did look at the ingredients for both of them but I wasn’t sure what all of the stuff was for in the Capella :grin:


I enjoy trying to figure this stuff out :smile: but it would be good if someone with real experience could weigh in too!


Never tried Super Sweet. Have Sweetener but to be honest, I use marshmallow at no more than 2% and I find it works much better and gives the vape a nice mouth feel. 'Course not everyone would agree with me, but try it and see if you like it.


I agree with you…


Yeah I am gonna try the Marshmallow because a lot of people here at ELR use it so it is on my next order along with some sweetener from TFA just in case! :grinning:


I would hope so since you’re the one who originally turned me on to it. :grinning:


I used TFA sweetener for 2 years and loved it. But just bought Capella’s sweetener since I was buying flavors too, and now my coils are only lasting 5 or 6 days. The ohms are climbing and the juice is taking on that nasty burnt flavor. I’m going back to TFA.


basically one is sucralose/em that wld be tpa

cap super sweet is sucralose 20%

i have 58ml out of 60ml of super sweet and will probably never touch it again

Cap super sweet

i completely agree


I use TPA marsmallow, sweetener or cotton candy depending on what I’m sweetening. the marmallow seems to workbest for creamy the others are better used in fruity vapes.


I’ve got super sweet and like it. Couldn’t you just take half of it and dilute it with pg to get the same strength as TFA sweetener


Agreed, marshmallow in fruit vapes seems to kill the kick of fruit


In The MDS sheet we can read 5% sucralose 5% maltol for TPA sweetener.


Cap super sweet is the only sweetener I use. I’ve tried others but not the TFA. Can’t get past the weird after taste of most of them.


I wonder if anyone has done the research on the difference in taste between maltol and ethyl maltol.


I have both & they work fine. The CAP is definitely about twice as strong, so I use it at half of what a TFA recipe calls for & vice versa. I suppose when I eventually run out of TFA I won’t reorder & will probably stick with the CAP.


@Pentine I understand fromreading on Wikipedia that Maltol is Natural and Ethyl Maltol is a chemical compoud not find in the nature but for the taste… Realy don’t Know. What i do know is there is a difference in recipe to use Sucralose only vs TPA Sweetener, vs Capella Super SWeet wihch contains other compound. To sub one for another is not that simple. I have not mixed enough gallon of VG yet to have a statement on those. :wink:


been wondering the same thing @SunnyT