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Superbowl 2019 Predictions / wishes / complaints


Did you see the 100 year commercial that was good


Must of missed that one


Okay… it just played… not bad


I didnt know it was possible for my eyes and ears to bleed simultaneously.


Adam Levine or Ebola?


You know… You know… Hahaha and he was paid to do this.


Sounds like I picked a perfect time to take a shower.


It could have been worse , could of been cardi b ( thats what i just heard )


Hoping for an exciting second half, just to keep me going. It’s hard work being a British NFL fan, it’s already 1.25am, at least I have tomorrow booked off work!!


So was that graphics or drones on the chinesse lanterns?


I was wondering how that was done as well …


In more ways than one. God bless you for not being that guy that comes in here saying that Americans don’t play real football.


One hundred fifty enhanced Intel® Shooting Star™ drones took a live flight during the Pepsi* Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show to amplify Maroon 5’s performance.


I won’t be that guy either but all the padding and helmets are they made of glass? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh definitely not, you won’t get that from me. Loved American football more than the roundball for a good number of years. To be fair, this is normal SNF time at this point, it’s the half time show in the Super Bowl that normally puts me to sleep :rofl:


Time to go grab the Subway sandwich I bought before the game…


Eat Fresh … Lol




Amen brother


Was given this stuff today at local BnM , i am so disappointed and do not understand how rhis juice is popular , also my cotton is black now smgdfh

Oh this thread was for superbowl

Note im thinking of dropoing a couple drops of Rich Cinnamon in it with MF vanilla and turning the 60 ml into 120 to cut down the sucralose maybe in a couple weeks it will be ok