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Superbowl 2019 Predictions / wishes / complaints


Well im not a fan of either team , but i am rooting for THE RAMS. Anyone expecting a different outcome ? Anyone a fan of either team ???


I can’t stand the Pats and the Rams stole the NFC championship from my Saints. So im not rooting for either of them. Just hoping I get good numbers on my boxes later :wink:


Drew brees WOW , everyone talks about Brady and how he plays at his age , i believe drew is in the same class , just not as lucky …


That’s for sure man.


Does anyone know of a reliable live stream? I don’t have TV


I think I saw something on my FireCube earlier about streaming through the CBS app. Maybe CBS will stream it on their own site too?


Only for Americans
I live in Canada


Just google it at the time of the game. There will be plenty. Oddly enough, last stream was bbc stream from eastern Canada. I blame the French for that. Lol.


Ahhh gotcha. Wish I could help there. Maybe one of the other Canadians here can help. :pray:


I will not search for BBC, fell for that one once before


I have to with the PATS…its my home town team…but its a equaly matched team this bowl…so its up for grabs





Those are Canadian fans Joel…




Well… I see the Rams cheering squad is reved up:


is that middle guy Putin?


Bud lite/ GoT commercial was good


Mr Peanut got himself a new ride lol


Not the funnest first half


I’m delayed by about 3 minutes (I paused a couple of times).