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Sweet VG - Have heard it exists. Who has it?


Palm VG does tend to have a bit more sweetness to it but it is also is bit thinner than Soy, Coconut or Corn based VG. This makes for a lot easier blending!

As for the rain forest you want to make sure your manufacturer follows the Rainforest Alliance standards for sustainable practices. This will give you some peace of mind that the rain forest was not destroyed to create you VG.


I’m glad it’s thinner. I’m cutting the stuff I have now with water and vodka to thin it out for tank use.


I started out with the Essential Depot VG, and yeah, it is a bit heavier than the Palm based VG, which I got from Liquid Barn…Walt at Real Flavors also uses Palm Based VG for his flavors…Where the Essential Depot is a good vape, it is a bit thicker, the Palm Based VG I get from Liquid Barn is somewhat thinner in its’ consistency…Flows smoother out of my dispensing bottle…I ran a comparison and found that the finished juices made with the Palm Based VG are also a little bit thinner…They wick better in my Aspire Cartomizer with the little BVC replaceable coil…and wick very nicely in my Goblin Mini RTA…

You get a slightly thicker mouth feel with the Essential Depot, and as you pointed out, it is, indeed a heavier vape…and it wicks a little slower than the Palm Based VG

But for me, the Palm Based VG is definitely sweeter, and the best way I can describe the experience is like this…It’s like the difference between drinking tap water (Essential Depot)…and drinking spring water (Palm Based)…There is a bit more clarity to fruits with the Palm and the natural sweetness is not overbearing…It is extremely smooth, and more airy…One of the things I noticed with Walts Real Flavors was the inherent smoothness of the vape, even though I mix 40/60 with either PG based flavors OR the VG based flavors…his flavors (VG based ) do not lead to vapors tongue…Also, I find the flavor lingering in my mouth, nose, and throat a bit longer with the Palm Based VG…even after a nice vape session…and I like that…And you know, Amy, my penchant for mixing at higher flavor %s…

Please don’t misunderstand, cuz I am no “super taster” or whatever, but I do prefer the Palm based VG and just got a gallon of it with a Gallon of PG from Liquid Barn…speaking of which, that Liquid Barn PG is THE cleanest PG I have used to date…Walt at Real Flavors also sells his Palm Based VG, last I heard…but I have no idea what the price is…I know Liquid barn sells gallons and little customizable PG/VG combo packs in smaller bottles for pretty reasonable…I know you are an experimenter Amy, Couldn’t hurt to check the Palm Based VG out… :slight_smile:


Thanks Doug ! I am kinda looking for something else no offense the ED they’ve been great and it’s still a great product. It just so thick and I want something that well honestly taste a bit cleaner. My %s are getting lower and lower and I am starting to notice the soy based taste more and more. I even experimented over the weekend w/ rite aid Glycerin anhydrous and once again it immediately tasted smoother and silkier and did not carry that same weight ( it is thinned with 0.5% so that immediately helped with wicking as well ) …I feel that weight in my chest ( on inhale ) and it’s well not a comfortable feeling. I know there is something that will fit my needs it isn’t anything wrong with ED it’s just my needs are changing.

I appreciate your input and will look into Walt’s products as well as LB’s.Thank you !


That is really good to know. I learn something new every day here. I had a taste of some of the commercial vapor the guy down the street sells and it was so clean and crisp it was amazing. I cant wait to play with it.

@Amy2 your needs and how you taste this stuff absolutely does change over time, you are so right. I used to LOVE Pear and I cant stand it anymore.


Anyone know of a good UK source for palm based VG?
Everything I find is US based and after postage costs it isn’t worth it?


I did a quick search for Palm based VG in the UK, but nothing turned up…Perhaps it can be found with a more thorough search…Not sure how or where to direct you other than to perhaps check out DIY supply houses in the UK… I also frequent a website based in France, and they are pretty serious about their DIY mixing, so maybe France might be another avenue to check out http://www.lediypourlesnuls.com/recettes-categories/ I hope you find some … :slight_smile: Edit: you may need to right click the page/hit Translate… in order to get it to translate into English…


You’re welcome…Keep me posted…I would be delighted to hear your progress


Thank you the advice, much appreciated!
Found it strange myself that nothing has shown up in the UK?
As you say maybe France or Germany may throw something up?


Hey look what I found:

There’s a white paper on using Palm Oil in Bio-Diesel Applications. Read what it says about viscosity.


Pure palm oil may be employed in diesel engines as an alternative fuel. Engine performance and emissions were influenced by basic differences between diesel fuel and palm oils such as mass based heating values, viscosity, density and molecular oxygen content. The high viscosity of palm oil resulted in poor atomisation, carbon deposits, clogging of fuel lines and starting difficulties in low temperatures. When heated at 100 °C palm oil presented lower viscosity, better combustion and less deposits. Tests were conducted in a naturally aspirated MWM 229 direct injection four-stroke 70 kW diesel-generator fueslled with 100% palm oil.



The only reason I’m bringing this up… is because it begs the question of whats happening at a molecular level (sorry for the nerd talk)… if I understand this correctly… the reason the stinky butt is so addictive is because the burning leaf molecule is a very small particle. In the lung, that particle attaches to the oxygen molecule easily and “bam” hits your brain fast. The vapor or “steam” particle is bigger and it takes longer for the nicotine attached to it to reach the brain. So that being said with the VG we have all been using, if this palm molecule is bigger or smaller may matter with health because it is the particulate matter in smoke and what we eat that causes our veins to be clogged. Perhaps more importantly - what our lungs are being coated with and how easily the lung is able to cleanse itself of that particulate matter. I don’t know what the answer is but I would very much like to know. I know that Palm Oil is the one my husband avoids for eating because of it’s affect on his cholesterol levels. Anyone who wants to smack me for bringing it up - don’t hit me too hard :slight_smile:


That is an interesting bit of subject matter, and a valid idea to contemplate…and as with Soy based VG made with soy beans of Genetically Modified Organisms ( GMO ) 90% here in the US, I would imagine that research is certainly inevitable…As many inquiries into the safety (in general) of vaping increase, and a looming “regulation” of the E Cigarettes in general, perhaps these questions will be answered…

There are companies now, who are producing “organic” PG as a byproduct from VG…Archer Daniels for one , and Dupont is also in that stratosphere of research and development…Perhaps as the vaping thing continues on its’ path, there will be further information which elucidates some answers that may work to the benefit of safety in our endeavors…


i wanna know more about this sweet palm vg…i’m going to RF’s site to buy some now!
@Walt_RealFlavors you guys have it right? i’m gonna buy a bottle right now to sample…


I got your package and the “gift” … awwww you are so sweet!!!:sparkling_heart: Thank you!


I bought both of those from Amazon, the one on the bottom first and I just bought the top one. Thought I was getting a good deal. They are good, but I thought they were really sweet. Sweeter than the stuff that I have gotten from MFS. And I bought some from ECX and RTVS but I really didn’t notice the sweetness then because I was using the VG at 20 %. Now I am using the VG at 70 %, all my recipes are messed up because of the sweetness. And the fact that I am using sub ohm now. Everything is different and its like starting over. So I really am looking for something a little less sweet, but not detergent lol.


lol… just don’t buy it on ebay.

That sub ohm change with my recipes almost had me back on the Carolina Crack Packs again, very frustrating but these folks helped me get through it.

PG isn’t very sweet for sure. I’m going to test the one on the top against the palm based VG I just bought with a couple simple recipes I like to see what the differences are. I’ll do a bakery and a fruity and let them sit for a few days and test them. I will do my best to tell you what my findings are and tell you what flavors I used. I do like it pretty sweet though…


ok…I mixed 2 recipes. One with Palm Based VG, One with Essential Depot.

The two recipes I mixed were:

Apple Cookie Pie

Melon Menthol Mint Mild

I’m gonna let them sit in the dark for a few days and I will report my experience.


I just tested the Palm Based Melon Menthol Mint (I just couldn’t wait, I’m sorry)

  1. It’s a lot smoother throat and lung hit. (Mission Accomplished)

  2. The melon has a much more permeating mouth feel, I can taste the Melon better. (Not too Shabby)

  3. The exhale is dryer, it’s kind of odd…(that could change in a good steep)

  4. I’m not really getting “sweeter” but the all over blend of the mint in the melon is mixed better, like it’s not separated…kind of like the melon married the mint. With the ECX VG they never came together, it was like they were separate tastes, maybe even fighting with each other.

  5. I’m loving what this did to the menthol, it’s smooth and very mentholly like or… well like menthol is supposed to act when you inhale it. (Bravo Palm)

I will report back in a week when the stuff is a week old :slight_smile:


I just received 2 gallons of vg from essintials and they were both palm extract vg, very sweet


Well palm derived… still very sweet and kinda thin to work with… I love this stuff, and they have free shipping going on now, when you buy 2 gallons