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Sweet VG - Have heard it exists. Who has it?


I like the viscosity, it’s very nice stuff.


This isn’t just thinner with viscosity, it’s a different animal. The flavor is different as well. My taste buds don’t perceive this as a lot sweeter - but it sure carries the nicotine a lot better.


I totally agree :thumbsup:


It would appear the possibilities are now endless, you people do know you have created a monster, right?


I think it doesn’t take as long for the flavors to steep into it. I’ve noticed it’s cut down a couple of days on steeping. Im still going to steep for weeks but I really belive recipes will mature faster. Amazing stuff so far!


I just cant decide what to re-make first… what do I do? I’m overwhelmed. This could take days!


Wow, I was totally unaware the Essential fluids were Palm based. I guess I should read my labels more carefully.


I didn’t notice it on my last bottles


I take no credit for that LOL


I don’t know… but I’m re-making my Vanilla Graham Cookie recipe right now!


The ones I just got from you aren’t labeled palm based like the ones @DanHank posted, maybe they’ve just barely switched?


Ahh. Maybe. I will have to contact them and see what gives.


I think they have a new listing on their site, you can view or select vg from a palm base or the plain vg


Thank you for letting us know , I was like the others and unaware they had palm based VG.


I got mine from Amazon…Essential Depot…and it doesn’t say what the base is. Just says Vegetable Glycerin.


I just asked the seller what the base is… lets see what he says.


Here is her message:


Thank you for contacting us.

This product is palm based. We do process soy in the same facility although on separate equipment. I just wanted to mention that in case you had a soy sensitivity.


Customer Service


I just saw on their site that they added Soy Derived VG in addition to the regularly listed VG. Maybe the original VG from them has always been Palm based and now that they have added soy based they are now updating the labels.


I got LB’s palm Vg last week and so far I love it. I feel it is better than essential depot’s but then again to each their own…I am curious if my last 2 gallons were palm or soy based with essential I never have read their labels lol. I agree thou Idk if I am perceiving it to be sweeter , I just notice less of a taste and more of my flavor and that’s really all I want is to have tasteless nic and vg mission accomplished. But LB will never ever beat essentials pricing.

update: my gallon did not specify it just says vegetable gylcerin


Essential Depot has always been palm based. At least for the last 6 months, as I researched it carefully when I started diy. They didn’t used to state it on the label though, I had to go to I think it was faq section before to obtain the info. However, this last couple weeks they added soy derived vg, so they changed their label, I’m assuming to keep from mixing it up. They sell the new soy vg for as low as 6.97 per gallon, but I won’t switch to it. Based on my research when I started diy, my understanding is that palm is the sweetest and best. That’s just what I’ve read on multiple articles, forums, and vendors. Who knows where they got there info from though???