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Tax Plan Reform!


Tax plan is getting voted on today. Looks good! Supposedly the biggest tax reform in like 31 years. History in the making? Diaster?

Eh, I’ll keep vaping and watching.



thats an example of the differences between the house and senate , what it really means is the top 1pct will get the best deal and keep their loopholes , it also adds trillion dollars to defeceit over the next ten years , unless your a wealthy person there should be no excitement just my opinion


That estimate does not include the amount that would be offset by the economic growth spurred by tax cuts.


so they say only time will tell , its the same old bullshit


It puts us in the running for a competitive business market again, whatever we had 35% taxes for pushed companies overseas, and now that its back down to the average % worldwide, we should be able to encourage some of them back. I didn’t vote for trump, but it’s nice to see something for the individual over the mass for a change. Anyone whos a democrat saying what the republicans did/doing with the last minute stuff and sayin its not going to be that bad, …refer back to the Obamacare/ACA shin-dig and put foot in mouth lmao, when it came down to the fine details, I didn’t vote for Clinton or trump, I did vote though. and i’d much rather have had trump in over Clinton, she probably would’ve raised taxes to 70%