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Tell a little about your self


Hello, I’m Louie. Los Angeles born and bred.

I am a single dad with a daughter 19 and son 17. They have lived with me since my ex and I split up 12 years ago.

After 30 years I quit smoking in March of 2015 after I finally discovered Vaping. I had a heart attack two years earlier and struggled to quit using meds, patches and gum. Nothing worked.

I started mixing about a year and a half ago. This place has been a gold mine and everyone here is awesome.

For the last 8 years I have been an E-Commerce Merchandiser with SonicElectronix.com but my last day was on Wednesday. I start a new job on Monday with Scosche Industries as a Connected Car Specialist. I’m very excited and the substantial increase in pay will definitely help with my little mixing hobby.


Very nice and good luck with the new job…
Ive been at mine so long and I get the same breaks the kids get at school. There is no way in hell i could work 50 weeks a year…


@SuperDave721 Oh yes, I DO remember Super Dave !!!

Nice to meet you Dave. Everyone knows me as SessionDrummer or Session. Somewhere in between 48 and 50, but don’t remember hehe. Technical Security for work, but drumming is far more fun than that. Have done a lot of web design, PHP coding, SQL database work, started up and ran a large professional PC gaming clan, which was a blast. Always funs when you can push the limits of your cable company will let you host from your home network, hehe. Smoked forever, started vaping a million years ago on an EGO, with my beloved Backwoods Brew Honey Nut Tobacco and haven’t looked back since. Wife and I rescue and save cats, because cats rule !!! Try to help people out, make things better, one thing at a time, and encourage others to do the same. I love 2 out of the big 3, and that is all.


Love it! sounds like your and ole school pong gammer like me. I remember when my best friend got his Atari 1200xl. Man we thought we had it all being able to save game data to cassette recorders. Took 20 mins to save a game.Looks like you speak linux penguin very well. We do everything in my department. From web servers, coding, oracle data bases etc… 28 schools 20,000 kids 3,000 employees. we are mainly Apple, some chrome books. We were using Samba but have switched over to Microshit AD. I will be retiring in a few years and will take me a long trip on my harley. I see the north face of the Grand Canyon in my future.
Thank u for posting and the comment.


Sadly, I miss da Pong.



Hi I am Steve from Birmingham in the UK and I am probably the most miserable fecker, you could ever wish to meet.


apparently you haven’t met my ex wives!


Hi SuperDave,
My name is David, but you can call me Dave.
After I was laid off my job as the Chief Drafter for a valve manufacturer during the big housing crash 9 years ago. I had 30 years of mechanical engineering experience at that time. I landed what I call my survival job at Lowe’s designing and selling Kitchen Remodels. I am still here, but I didn’t lose my house, close, but got a loan modification.
I am a certified scuba diver, Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver. Most of my diving has been warm water in Florida, Mexico and the Philippines with a few dives in the cold waters of California, Catalina Island and Monterrey. Some of my most interesting dives have been on wrecks and Cenotes in the Mexico Yucatan. The diving in the PI was world class, out of this world. 3 dives a day for 2 weeks.
I am also an avid Fly Fisherman with an extensive collection of high end gear. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but go to Utah for most of my fly fishing for Brown Trout on the Provo River (World Class Blue Ribbon Water). I tie my own flies and have built several fly rods.
I smoked for 40 years, with many attempts at quitting with no success until I started vaping 7 months ago. Now I have an extensive collection of everything vaping and mixing. My spending has slowed way down on buying stuff, so now I am saving tons of money.
I play an online video Vega Conflict and have 4 high level players. My clan is about to get into the top 200, which is pretty good for 60 player clan.
I am married to my lovely Philippine wife Francine now for 17 years. She is an Angel.


Been to Monterrey once. Loved the drive down Hwy 1. The country is some of the prettiest in the world.
I dived a few times in FL and clear lakes in the Ozark’s.
Sounds like you have a great time…
Thanks for the response and comment!


Greetings Dave.

A little…about myself?

I lurk.
I am short.
This response will be short as well.
Rest assured I am breaking all of your rules and probably several forum rules right now. Silently…in the shadows from whence I came.


Hobbit sighting! Woot woot! :tada:


Shshsh! I’m under his bed making an inappropriate Pope on Trump puppet show out of his dust bunnies.


Can you send me a video of that please?


help help were being stalked


Hello, my name is Robert. I am married with 3 in toe. I supervise food services in a 1500 bed max security/mental health/chronic care “place”. A long journey from managing, hotel banquets to Fancy 5 star to Panera Bread to Starbucks. I love to cook and of course eat. I can cook good ol southern to five star fancy. Started smoking when I was 13. Quit for 2 years start back for 5 years, quit again for 3 1/2 years, started back. We had our 3rd child when I was 38 and hated myself for smoking. Thankfully a friend of mine introduced me into vaping. Dove head first into it and it became a passion. Now he gets all his juice from me. I haven’t smoked a cig since I started vaping. I have been mixing around 9-10 months. At first I thought it would be easy since I am a good cook. No such luck. Still, trying to figure it out is now an obsession. One of the best parts of all this is finding such a great group of people in the vaping world. My two biggest challenges of all is to convert my step dad and wife off the cigs. Made a dent with her recently when she tried a Butterscotch ice cream that I didn’t really like, but she really did. Unfortunately I am a pepper taster.



Same here. As I read more and more. Its more like chemistry with a bit of Chinese arithmetic using an abacus naked balancing on a beach ball.


Hes in the shower…
Quick wheres my rubber duck?


Hi Dave,

I’m 38 and live in Cairns Australia. I’ve a champion wife and a 2 year old daughter named Ball Ann Chain - Jokes!, she’s not a bad sort for her age. At work I make these fish at a barramundi hatchery.


My hobbies are largely fish and vape related, I like spearfishing, I keep an aquarium and I mix juice, which has become more of a hobby than I ever would have imagined and as you can see this forum is lots of fun.


As I was watching “The Bush Tucker Man” on youtube my mail dinged with a notice from this thread. How Ironic your down under. I would love to see your country. Wow what a job u have.