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Tell a little about your self


:rofl: My jobs more like breeding pigs than anything fun. Luckily the area that I live in is a tropical paradise, offsets the pains of work.


Ok I got to show my second love. Saved 6 months for this.

Look at that grin… I wanted a new Indian but I got this for 3 k less than blue book. I’m in heaven.


Hi Robin
U mentioned having a small herbal business. Do you have a website by chance. I am also a nurse but i stopped with my BSN. Kuddos to u for continuing ur degree!!
I believe that Western medicine doesn’t give herbs the value they deserve. I’m 100 on herbal remedies!! I developed a herbal pain salve that works better than any meds or procedures I’ve had to get rid of nerve pain & inflammation and it also, stimulates circulation:)


Going back to school is so hard and stressful @Jazzy_girl


i always feel better in cider


I noticed above that you plan a bike trip to the Grand Canyon when you retire. I want to share this with you.
I served in the Army and got out in 1973 and returned to Indiana where I’m from. I stayed home a few months and decided that a long ride was in order and headed west. I rode with several people along the way but rode with one all the way to San Diego from somewhere in Colorado. Imagine my shock when more than 40 years later I received a letter from him which contained photos taken along the way. We have since visited a shared unforgeable memories.This is me circa 1974 with army duffel bag strapped on as a backrest . The second is the two of us essentially at the north face of the GC.

I 've ridden all my life but nothing compares to that first cross country trip. And my god. I had hair.


Nice Deluxe, Dave. :grinning:


That is awesome. I believe I was 6 years old when u took that trip.
Thank you for your service during the Nom era. I can barely remember Nom on the news as a child.
Wow those bike actually had front disk brakes…
Ok now I want to take a bike ride and get lost for 2 or 3 weeks.


I love it. 40 k miles on it. I have to get the cam tension issue fixed this winter.


Yeah we all used to talk about what we were going to do when we “got back to the world.” This was mine. I hope your ride !is every bit as good.


I eventually ended up going to gear drive ( S&S) on my '05. Thankfully my Shovel, V-Rod & '09 Road King don’t have those old-style tensioners. Beautiful bike, though. Is that an '06?


Yep an 06. You know your stuff. My hat is off to you.
Here is a little on my bike. First time trying to embed youtube so lets see if i get it right


how do u embed a video on this site?


@SuperDave721 Just went to a retirement dinner for a co-worker who attends a Biker Church. Yes, that’s the name, and Yes, lotsa bikers go there. He apparently had a falling out with Harley Davidson, and sold off two of his, and got the new Retro Indian. I haven’t ridden in years, but it looked pretty damned nice to me…


That is beautiful!


Oh my shes a bute! I wanted one Bad. $30 k. I had $6 the harley above was that price so instead of waiting another year I got the Harley. There will be an Indian in my future. Bet you ass there will be. And BTW there is a biker church not far from me. It looks so cool on Sunday morning.


Hehe, I had to fill in for a drummer friend one time, and he kept saying, “Yeah at the Biker Church”, and I was like, “What ?”. Cool Sunday morning is right.


I am Joel and I’m a man of few words…


hello Joel im Dave… nice 2 c u!


Hi All
Im Lexie and From Flordia . Married with 2 great kids. A 21 yr old in college and 26 yr old deputy sherriff.

My favorite hobbies have always been tennis and flying, which I did daily until recently when cancer struck. Now I’m totally into mixing and anything computer oriented… games etc. Also a huge lover of music which i listen to non stop

Great thread btw :slight_smile: