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Temp Control wire


lol, Well thank you for being a peacekeeper but I don’t think there is any argument here. I think @louiesquared is assuming a properly working, well designed mod and I am not. Simply two perspectives. No social crises.


Man, it’s been 11 days already? Shipping from the uk doesn’t normally take more than a week >.>

<-- still waiting on that wire.


As many others have said, I’ve tried many, but I live on 316L. The big plus with stainless tc wire is that if something is not working when you are out and about, you can drop it into power mode and keep it moving until you can get home and sort it out. Can’t do that with Ti or Ni200. It is so good in power mode too, the resistance is just right for filling an atomizer with wire and putting a ton of power to it. Agree with @BoDarc , know what you are dealing with absolutely, “Stainless Steel” could be many things, not all of them safe for vaping, so make sure you know exactly what it is.