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Temp Control wire


Not sure if this went in RDA or Mods so I went with The Pub :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick query I didn’t see in a brief google – should I try Nickle, SS or TI first for Temp control? I’m using the Smok G150 mod and enourmous clouds attys, Cloud Best King RDA dual coil, Azeroth tri-coil, Velocity and a Wismec Inde Pro Duo with 4 coils – loads and loads of vapour and just looking for the best flavour I can get without giving up absurd clouds n.n. Info I’m providing as a “my tastes” since I imagine each of the three offer a slightly different profile on that trade. I’d go for the one in the middle if one preferred clouds, one flavour and one was in the middle.


You can use whatever you like, i’d say try all of them.
Just don’t use nickle and titanium in power mode.


I have tried them all quite extensively and prefer SS316L. Nickel and Titanium have an off taste too me and they are both hard to wrap with. Building with Stainless Steel is very similar to Kanthal. Stainless Steel has the added benefit of being safe in wattage mode so you can use it on mech mods as well.


I use stainless. If for no other reason it’s easy to source. I’ve also used it enough I have a feel for how much room I need to get within the resistance tolerances I want, making it easier to evaluate an atty. I also have to stock less wire than if I used all different metals.


Avoid cheap wire. Avoid wire only labeled “Stainless Steel”. It should specify “SS 316L”. I use HCIGAR Vaping wire 22Ga with spaced coils for TC (and Wattage). I have several spools of questionable SS wire which won’t run in TC. The HCIGAR wire is soft and easy to wrap and gives flawless performance …I won’t mention the questonable ones, thanks for not asking


Alright, bought two 316l ss wires – alien and juggernaut from wireandstuff.co.uk cause, well they seem like a neat company and I’m actually cool with real globalization, despite what I get accused of because of my politics :stuck_out_tongue: . (I’m a yank)

The alien is my fav in kanthal, having tried a mixture of pre built wires and pre built coils – which are basically the same thing just the wire is cheaper on a per-coil basis. so yeah, try that in SS obviously, and then of what they had “juggernaut” just looked quite cool, so poppen that one as well.

Also – why does paypal just show the price in GBP for me now? I swear it used to auto-convert. I mean, I know roughly 13 GBP is roughly 17 or 18 USD these days, but, what if I didn’t? Trying to make me google shit Paypal? :stuck_out_tongue: Also – remember when a GBP was right at 2:1 to USD?


If you had bought clapton wire from them you would have gotten 10% off.


I can suffer 60 pence on the juggernaut mate (the alien was 10% off).

I did consider buying 3 of each for the extra freebie of each – according to the checkout, tho the shop pages say buy 4 get 1, the cart said buy 3 get 1 of the cheapest for either the discount or not discounted, so since I was buying one discounted and one not I’d need to buy 3 of one to get anything and then may as well get 3 of each and…lookit 17USD is enough spending for the moment :stuck_out_tongue: and I already spent 100 USD today anyway on Nicotine River – So, I can’t quite afford that atm. Awell.


Check out this thread for Ti.

Me personally I am ss316L all the way.


Yikes! Between .05 and .07! Sounds like a pipe bomb!


Tc helps with that. I trust @Pro_Vapes


SS all the way… SS 316L As someone has pointed out… I also agree it is the easiest to work with especially if your used to kanthal


I don’t think so. TC monitors the resistance of the coil and looks for change. The batteries are what would be stressed to the max. They have to pump out some serious amperage to supply that load. Take for example a mod supplying 2.5V. Very near to low voltage cut off of most mods. This would develop 125W and demand 50A. Yikes!!! The low resistance for most TC mods is .1. Were talking about half of that. 50 Amps. Buco heat. Snap crackle Boom! Look Ma! No teeth!


Not in a regulated mod. The batteries don’t care what the coil resistance is, only the board does. In a mechanical mod you wouldn’t want to run anything close to that low but you would also not want to run Titanium. The Alien for example has a lower limit of 0.06 in TC.


I bought from the Crazy Wire Company as well, I got a shitload of SS that will still take me some time to get through lol

Before my purchase I read a lot of sh%t about Ti and Ni but Ni or Ti isn’t going to poison you and kill you, it’s all pretty safe to do. There are a lot of bad rumors circulating the internet.

What I don’t like about SS though is the very low resistance -> big coils packing much heat in your rda compared to some higher resistance metals. SS is sometimes a bitch to work with though. It’s very springy metal and there are definitely some coils (like a regular clapton) that I just hate working with because of this feature.

Next order I’m definitely going to order a bit of Ni and Ti as well as some other stuff like Ni80. I would definitely recommend you as well to give different metals a try and just see what you like best. As with anything in life, there are people who swear by any of these metals and you’ll only find out by actually trying them.

I also see a lot of people mixing materials with their fancy coils but like you, I’m a TC guy and I’m not sure how that would work out. Does anybody know if and how you can use TC on hybrid metal coils?


I’m not sure on higher end TC devices. The Hohm Wrecker G2 has a XXX mode that will let you run any metal in TC including kanthal.


Ni and Ti are both lower in resitance than SS. And they are even springier than SS. At least in my experience.


Do not agree. Ohms law is ohms law. PWM does not limit the peak current draw. It controls effective DC equivalent voltage via pulse duration. To achieve a desired wattage the current must be present. The board can produce no power it is passive in that regard.


Look at the spec sheets of any TC mod and you will see that none of them will draw that kind of amperage. Yes, ohms law is ohms law but the battery never sees the resistance of the coil. It only sees what the board asks for. Regulated mods are basically just voltage regulators with extra features added.


@louiesquared @Walt3 I really don’t want to mix myself in your fight over who’s right lol
But this article may be a bit of use to resolve the conflict: https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/3kogxd/psa_you_dont_calculate_current_draw_on_regulated/