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Tesla, Joan Jett, Styx 6-18


The show at the Giant Center in Hershey PA was a blast. Tesla, Joan Jett, and Styx were all outstanding. I didn’t get much video, too busy watching, but got a load of bad pics LOL…

All ye who make it to the bottom of the thread shall be punished !!! Watch at your OWN risk and peril. Sideways video warning !!!


Awesome. Looks like a good time. Bad Reputation would definitely be on my list of classic cant live withouts.

That giraffe with the woman’s face… is that a tesla album cover or styx or what? Oh wait, its styx - the grand illusion.


Hope they did Boat on the River. Love that one.


@anon44944642 No they didn’t do that one. I’m not even an official JJ fan, but I have to say, she was in GOOD shape, and they sounded great.




I have seen all 3
Stix 2 times
Joan Jet 1 time
Tesla 6 times
Tesla puts on one hell of a show , Frank is bad ass on guitar


I have to say I can’t NOT agree with you @Rob62.


At one show I got to meet Frank’s wife and jeff’s mom but could not get back stage
It was Jeff’s mom’s birthday that night so there was limited back stage access
But they did Play Mama’s Fool


I see James Young on guitar. Was Tommy Shaw with them?



Cool! But I meant with Styx.
Oops nevermind. I see Tommy in the video. Was that there before or did you add it?


@TorturedZen Adding them as I find them. We were in the 12th row, so I didn’t want to stand and video the whole thing, but am finding videos from people who were there that night.


Great pix! I bet that was one hell of a good time. I would like to have been there just for the Paradise Theater set!! !!! !!! :slight_smile: